Thursday, July 7, 2016

Making The Most of a "Free-ish" Day

My summer schedule has been completely wonky!  I have been staying up later/getting up earlier and just haven't been around the house very much.  (It seems like I live in my car lately with all the chauffeuring I have been doing!)

Needless to say, it's finally caught up with me and I got a little...ummmm...cranky last night with my family.  I am not the most organized person so you know it has to be really out of control to get to me!


Two of the three appointments for today had to be rescheduled and I am left with a decent chunk of time to do things AT HOME! 

Which is very awesome...

Except for the heatwave we are experiencing!

Today's plans for catching up include straightening up our downstairs, a lot of laundry, and batch cooking.  Not a great day to do two of the three of these things because it will make our A/C's work extra hard....


I gotta take advantage of the time when it happens, you know?

Hope everyone is staying cool!

1 comment:

  1. I agree with the schedule. We barely have laundry and dishes done with running in and out of the house and the place is going into disrepair quickly. Today is my day to get a little bit done at home in between all the things that I am doing with my son but I don't think that we are going out or have to go out to make it anywhere except a quick trip to the doctor to get forms filled out. Sorry you were at the end of your rope but I think a bunch of us mom's are right there hanging out next to you on the end of ours!!!