Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Thank You PETA for the Menu Changes

Okay, so I am finding that planning dinners with two teenage daughters during the summer is almost next to impossible!  While the summer is a LOT of fun and I absolutely love the fact that both of the Guppies are out with friends (and not at home vegging in front of screens all day long!) the majority of the time, it has been wreaking havoc with any meal plans I make!

And, now I have a new wrench in the works...

Remember that music festival we went to on Saturday?  Well, there are many booths set up for charitable organizations.  I (mostly) love this aspect of the festival because these booths also get the word out to people who may need help with depression, suicide, abuse, etc.  The one booth that really gets me though is the PETA one.  Not only is there a booth, there is also a "viewing station" where concert goers get paid a buck to watch a four minute video of animals being slaughtered (no thank you), and PETA people walking around the venue passing out brochures with horrible pictures of animals being tortured to try to convert people to becoming vegan. 

Now, let me just say that I am completely and totally against treating animals poorly and I believe in as humane of slaughtering as possible. I abhor feed lots, grinding of baby chicks, etc.  Also, when financially possible, I try to buy as much "happy meat" (i.e. small farms who treat their animals ethically) as I can. 

Back to the music festival.....Guppy 1 was handed a brochure....sigh.  Here's the thing though...the front cover is covered with picutres of band members with quotes about being vegan.  But, when you open the brochure....BAM!  Pictures of animals being tortured -- this year's brochure included pictures from China's semi annual dog meat festival.  Just lovely.

So now I am scrambling to come up with vegetarian dinners and throwing my menu plan out the window...for now.  I should have known it would happen again since she gets lured in every year.  Eventually, I am able to get her to eat meat again (which she desperately needs due to health issues) in moderation.  But for right now, it's a no go. 

I guess I am just thankful right now that we don't eat meat everyday on a normal basis anyway.

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