Sunday, July 31, 2016

Upcoming Week.....

I dropped Papa off at the airport this morning to go to his second conference in about one month's time...and hopefully the last one for at least a little while.  He was pretty crabby yesterday because he hates traveling....Yeah, I don't like it when he travels either!  At least it is another fairly short conference - he's coming home very late Wednesday night.

Here's what is on tap for the week for us:

Trying to stay very frugal is the number one priority!  We are feeling the pinch pretty badly since Papa's company didn't reimburse his travel expenses yet - His boss was away on vacation for a week and couldn't officially "approve" the receipts/documentation until he got back.  So, the reimbursement is pushed back until next TWO weeks!   Both girls know that anything they want to do needs to come out of their own money.  G1 doesn't have any major plans this week since her BFF is working a lot of hours.  And, G2 has some of her birthday money left.  So, I'm not  too worried about it.

Remember the family that took G2 to the Outer Banks earlier this summer?  The mom is going to Norway this week and I told them that we would have their daughter over to our house during the day while the dad is at work.  Considering how much G2 and her friends go out during the day, I am pretty sure this won't create much of a change in our "normal" summer routine.

On Monday my parents have generously offered to take me to Costco for a stock up! Of course the timing is NOT random...After I mentioned the late reimbursement issue, they offered the trip!  So, later today I will be making my list.  =)

On Tuesday, I will be heading to my neurologist...alone.  Not what Papa and I had wanted but, I decided to keep the appointment after we found out when Papa's conference days were.  Honestly, at this point, nothing is going to be decided on Tuesday anyway.  I will need to update my information (like being off my main MS med for the past six plus months) and then we KNOW he's going to schedule an MRI for me before making any sort of medical game plan.  So, I will go do this first step on my own.

Then, on Friday, I will be taking the girls and two of their friends to Rhode Island to spend the day at the beach.  My plan is to spend money on just the parking fee ($15) and gas for the trip back and forth.   (I am packing all of our food/drinks.)  This trip is now part of our "annual" summer tradition so I want to make sure it happens.  This coming Friday seems the best day available - let's just hope it doesn't rain!

In between all of this and running the girls to whatever plans they may make, I have a few things that I would like to take care of around the house.  It always seems easier to focus on slightly bigger projects when I am down a family member to take care of.  LOL  So before Papa gets home on Wednesday night, I would like to:

Reorganize the pantry/kitchen cabinets and take stock of what I have
Deep clean the upstairs full bathroom and organize/clear out the cabinets under the sink
Start to declutter our bedroom - including the large closet
Clean out my car as it is getting junky from driving kids around

So, that's what is coming up for me this week!

How about you?  Any good plans?  Projects? 

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  1. I have a list of projects to work on whittling down before school starts....but that not new for me. I cross one off and find - few more to add...