Friday, July 22, 2016

We Survived Guppy 2's Party (Barely) and Some Totals.....

Phew!  What a whirlwind Wednesday and Thursday were!

Guppy 2's party went very well!  G2 and friends had a LOT of fun and seemed very happy (but exhausted by Thursday afternoon).  We had simply gorgeous weather and the kids were able to take advantage full advantage of it - first at the amusement park and then in the campground - until I wrangled them all into the cabin for the night at 11pm!  Oh, and let me also mention that they didn't go to sleep that night until 3:30am!!
The next morning, I had to get everyone up at 8:30am for breakfast and to vacate the cabin by checkout time at 10:30.  (They opted to go BACK to the amusement park for the day while I went home to unpack what I could, feed the animals, and walk the dog.)  When I picked them up at 3pm that afternoon, they were ALL dragging!  G2 crashed on the couch at 6pm and slept until 7am this morning!  LOL

Now, before I get into totals, let me start by saying:

G2 loves experiences over actual gifts.  The gifts I did purchase were well researched and bought at the lowest price/discounts/coupons I could find.  For me, I did very well - spending just slightly over 100.00 on all physical presents. That money purchased:  1 sweatshirt for G1 (tradition we started long ago where we buy a small gift for the non birthday girl) and for G2: all things had her favorite band's logo - 1 tank top, 1 T-shirt, 1 tank top with a custom cartoon version of the band members, 1 pair of skinny sweatpants,  1 sweatshirt, and a very fluffy personal blanket. 

I did purchase all of the soda and most of the chips during sales and taking advantage of buy 1/get 1 free weeks.

What we spend on birthdays/holidays is most likely not what others tend to spend.  I know this.  As the Guppies get older, we are trying to reign it in where we can.  But, please remember this is where we are after almost 18 years of birthdays and holidays. 


Now for the breakdown....

Remember, there were eight kids total, me, and Papa who stayed for just dinner/cake Wednesday night.


Big Y: $58.65

Custom photo 1/4 sheet cake (smallest offered)
2 1/2 gallons of ice cream
2 packs of apple strudel (option for breakfast)
1 pack of croissants (breakfast option)
1 package plain bagels (breakfast option)
1 package everything bagels (breakfast option)
1 lb of butter
1 tub of whipped cream cheese
1 extra large bag of plain potato chips

Pizza: $50-ish
Papa picked up the pizza on the way to the cabin after work.  He said it was right under $50 for four extra large cheese pizzas from a local pizza place in our town.

Wings:  $38-ish
1 bucket of Honey BBQ dirt style wings was right under $38

Lunches/Misc. at the park (both days): $60
All the kids brought $$$ but I gave G1 and G2 $30 each for lunches/miscellany.  Typically all the kids only eat French fries while at the amusement park anyway.  Lake Compounce has free water/soda stations but the Guppies also love the slushies (which you have to buy of course)

SkyCoaster:  $50
The SkyCoaster is the only ride at the park not included in the admission price or season passes.  Basically, for those who don't know, you get harnessed with one or two other people, raised up on a cable a zillion feet (okay maybe a slight exaggeration there), and then pull a cord to release the cable to fly Superman style back and forth.
G2's boyfriend wanted to pay for her ride so I didn't have to spend $$$ on her.
BUT, I did treat G1 and her BFF since this was on both of their summer bucket lists.

Cabin Price: $200-ish
The cost of the cabin was $200 plus a couple of pennies.  We had to get the largest style of cabin since there were nine of us sleeping there!

Total Price (not including what was purchased previously): $456.65*

*I know this is a lot of money.  I know it's not frugal at all. I know that this is a lot more than people spend during the month on groceries, etc.  Also, in no way am I trying to brag about the amount of money I spent either.  I am trying to keep an honest account of what I did.  Please don't take this the wrong way or be offended!

Food wise, we brought home an insane amount of leftovers!  We will be eating the rest of the cake probably through this weekend, we have almost all the ice cream waiting in the freezer, we will finish the wings and pizza for lunch today (we also them for dinner last night), and we will be eating the breakfast choices through the beginning of next week I am sure.

So, now back to reality and try to get on some sort of blogging schedule again!

Oh, and hopefully not gain 20lbs finishing up this yummy cake!  LOL

Speaking of which, I'm off to walk the dog!  =)

Happy Friday!


  1. No judging here. We bought my daughter a new car last month for her 16th birthday. We live very frugal in most areas, so yes this was a definite splurge.

    1. But, isn't that what frugal living is about? Saving in areas that don't matter as much to you in order to splurge where it does matter? That's why it's being frugal and not a miser! LOL
      I think it's great you were able to buy her a new car! Plus, you get the benefit of not having to worry (so much) about her car breaking down quickly!

  2. We love the idea of experiences!

    1. Honestly that's where most of our "extra" money has gone this summer! =)