Friday, July 15, 2016

Yesterday's Grocery Shopping

Guppy 2's birthday went pretty well...I say only pretty well because her BFF and boyfriend are both away on family vacations so she was a tiny bit crabby about it.  All in all though I am fairly sure she had a decent day.  I do know she loved what we bought her so all the time I spent searching for the unique gifts was time well spent!  LOL

As for the grocery shopping, well I went when I was still a bit hungry....Not good I know!  Keeping that in mind, here's how I did:

Biy Y:  $136.01

1 bag of snowflake rolls (8 count)
1 (4 pack) apple turnovers
1 (4 pack) raspberry turnovers
1 large canister of store brand whipped cream
1 lb Cabot butter
1 (16 oz) container of sour cream
1 (4 pack) Jello chocolate pudding
2 (16oz) packages of shredded cheeses
1.5 lbs deli sliced American cheese
1 bag of zesty French fries
10 individual Ice sparkling lemon drinks
2 medium sized packages of granola
12 pack of toilet paper
1 (12 pack) Snapple
6 (32 oz each) Gatorades
1 (12 pack) Poland Spring water
1 (24 pack) Nature Valley granola bars
2 Fiber One packs (one brownie and one coffee cake)  G1 is having ummm...tummy issues and requested these since they help move things along
2 (1 lb) packages of Tyson bacon
2 lbs of red onions
2 lbs of yellow onions
2 lbs of red seedless grapes
5 lbs of Russet potatoes
5 lbs of Yukon Gold potatoes
2 (16 oz) packages of strawberries
1 package of organic red & green leaf lettuces
1 pint mini sweet peppers
1 (16 oz) container of salad dressing
1 large container of seafood salad

Total Spent So Far For July:  $502.80!!!

It is shaping up to be an pretty expensive month!  My goal is to keep the damage to under $700 for July's total - which I *think* will be doable. 

Tomorrow I will most likely be attempting the farmer's market alone since Papa has to work until midafternoon. (I say attempting because I hate having to parallel park!)  There I will be focusing on primarily Smyth Dairy (completely out of milk/heavy cream/half&half/yogurt) and a few items from our favorite "happy meat" farmer.

On the plus side, our overall soda consumption has gone WAAAAY down!  My Guppy 2 has even completely given it up!  And, I am down to maybe one or two sodas max per day!

Happy Friday everyone!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like a lot of great stuff. I wish that I could make it out to the farmers market and find great deals but I do so much better at the discount grocery store so I haven't even checked back this season....I probably should :)

    1. Alison, the farmer's markets around here definitely don't have a ton of deals! But, my family prefers the dairy from there. Plus we strongly believe in trying to keep things local when possible. However, if Papa wasn't back to work, I am pretty sure I would be rethinking this and keeping it a matter of survival!