Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Busy Day Today!

Guppy 2 and I are up very early this morning while Guppy 1 gets to sleep in...Lucky girl!

Guppy 2 is wide awake because she has Freshman orientation at the high school from 8am to 1pm!  (EEK!  Where did the time go by?!?!)  The school has the freshmen come in early to meet with upper classmen, get their class schedule, and try to figure out the lay of the land.  The freshmen will also get their new chrome books since apparently the district has decided to continue with embracing the technological age and ditching more of the pen and paper route.  (Maybe this will mean less in the way of binder/notebook buying for her?  Only time will tell I guess since this is only the second year that incoming freshmen get chrome books!)

As for me, well today is the day I go to my neurologist to get my MRI results.  I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm nervous because, I mean I already know what's wrong with me right?  I guess I would say that I am more anxious because we need to possibly explore a new MS therapy/drug - none of which are perfect and each has its own set of side effects.  And, then after we weigh the options and choose which we want me to try, I have to see if insurance will even approve it!  You see, a lot of insurance companies want you to try the lowest common denominator injectable drugs (Rebif and Avonex) because they have been on the market longest and tend to be the cheapest.  BUT I do NOT like these drugs side effects because it will greatly interfere with my quality of life....I mean, seriously, who wants to feel like they have the flu for two or three days every single week?!?!

Anyway, I'm off and I'll try to post again later today after my doctor visit....which in case I didn't mention is a block away from the hospital where Papa works so thankfully he will be joining me at my appointment!

Have a nice morning all!