Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Closing the Books on August....

I'm starting to "close the books" for some of August's budget so to speak and wanted to start with my "successes" because....Whoa!  That grocery total isn't going to be pretty and I'm putting that off until tomorrow!  LOL

For now, let's talk success!

Pet Supplies: $150

So, if you remember my post back towards the beginning of the month, I decided to allocate $150 towards pet supplies - one large chocolate lab, one ferret, and one elderly bunny.  I had spent $74.49 previously and had a few more things to buy.  Was I able to stay under budget?  YES!

I spent only an additional $36.09 for:

Another bag of food from Mom & Pop feed store around the corner

Another bag of dog food - sadly I can't use the kind I had the coupons for anymore.  Even though it was by the same brand/company, this recipe was making my dog's digestive track wonky.  Sorry but saving $4 bucks on a bag and then having your dog get sick in the middle of the night and barf all over the place isn't saving anything in my book.  I bought a bag of the old stuff and within a day my pup was back to her old self!

Under budget by:  $39.42!!!

I'll be keeping this in mind looking forward to September's budget and may make some adjustments.  Of course, I never did have to buy the bunny more hay (yet) so I'll have to give this line item some thought.

BUT....I'm so happy to be able to record a success!!!!

Health, Bath, & Beauty:  $125

If you recall, I also posted about buying myself some hair color from CVS that G1 and her BFF applied for me.  The total cost was $13.80 and left me with $111.20 for the month.  Let's see how I did!

To be completely upfront however, let me say that I pushed back all the vitamins we needed and that's something I need to take care of at the beginning of September now that some of these are almost or completely out.  Again, I will have to possibly adjust the budget for next month.  We will see.

Okay now to what additional money I spent...

Body Shop:  $30***
*** I can't find the receipt!  I think I may have thrown it out because the only Body Shop receipt I have is G1's!  It's killing me here but I KNOW I spent less than $30 BUT I can't remember how much less.  (((sigh)))***
Here's what we got there:
1 bottle of facial wash
1 bottle of facial toner
3 single (trial) sized face masks - I remember these were 3/$5

Ulta:  $38.26
2 large bottle of Joico color infused conditioner
1 large bottle of Joico color infused shampoo
While these may seem extremely pricey for shampoo & conditioner, they really work very well in keeping the red color in G1's dyed hair!  In the end, it helped extend time between her trips to the salon so I consider it still a "frugal" buy.

Under budget by:  $64.54!!!

So, just for today, I will be happy in the fact that I rocked these two categories!  And, if I am up for it, I'll tackle my receipts and add up the nasty truth on the groceries tomorrow!  Haha!

Have a great Tuesday!!


  1. My preferred shampoo is almost $40 combined for the shampoo and conditioner. It makes my hair the softest it's ever been and you only need to use a dime sized dollop. The conditioner actually last me an entire year because you need to use a little of it. I also don't wash my hair every day especially in the winter.

    1. G1 doesn't wash her hair every day either now in the effort of trying to make the color last even longer. She washes it every other day at most.
      I will probably start to try to cut down on washing mine as often as well since I hear that it's better for your hair's health to limit shampooing. Once the winter hits, I can try to do this since I don't go out as often and figure my hair won't get as oily as in the hotter months.