Saturday, August 27, 2016

ER Update and Farm Market Finds Today....

So, yesterday was definitely NOT a good day!  But, I have to say that 95% of the people I came in contact with at the emergency room were great!  Was this partially because Papa was wearing his hospital badge and they tend to take good care of their own people first? Honestly, probably but I can't say for absolute sure.

Anyway, they were initially worried about sciatica, slipped disc, and kidney stones.  All of these things were thankfully ruled out.  It appears that I just pulled a muscle very badly.  The doctors think that, since I had some mild back pain that started on Sunday and progressed until Wednesday night, the muscles were weakened already.  Then Thursday night, when I twisted weird, the weakened muscles couldn't take the strain.

They decided to give me a low dose injection of Torridol to see if it helped - it did slightly although it made me sleepy. And also called in prescriptions for lidocaine patches (numbs the back muscles) and low dose Valium which helps the muscles relax and would let me sleep through the night.  They also told me to try to stay as mobile as possible - although today (since I was feeling a bit better) I am pretty sure I overdid it.

I do feel like I need to share the one thing that did irk me about the emergency room....

But, first, I need to say that I am NOT a person who likes to draw attention to myself.  And, since having MS, I try to look as "normal" as possible and haven't gotten things like my handicap pass yet because I don't feel like I am at that stage.  I say this because, when Papa dropped me off at the ER entrance and had to go park the car,  I faced one of my worst MS fears and took the wheelchair offered to me.  I seriously could hardly move!  Never mind attempting to walk anywhere - it was hard enough to get myself into to the car to get to the hospital!
So, Papa wheels me into the ER and into the check in queue and needs to run to park the car.  The wheelchair didn't have the big wheels on the side so I couldn't try to move it.  I was essentially stuck there.  The woman checking people in called over to me when it was my turn and asked me if I could walk.  I told her there wasn't any way I could.  She kinda sighed and came over to get me.  I have to admit, I was slightly humiliated but what could I do?
She started taking my basic information and asked what happened etc.  I stayed pleasant and thought maybe I was just more sensitive about the whole sighing thing because of my own wheelchair hang up.  But then, get this, she looks me up and down and asks...
"Well, if you can't walk, how did you get dressed?"
So, I looked her right in the eye and told her the truth....I slept in my clothes from yesterday.
She looked me up and down one more time and said "Well, fair enough I guess."
This really irked me later on when I was talking to Papa because he told me that the number one "symptom" that drug seekers come in with is back pain.  I had to laugh too though.  If you knew me in real life, you would totally understand because I cannot handle hardly at all.  When I was in labor I didn't want an epidural so the doctor gave me a small shot of Demerol and Papa and the hospital staff had a grand old time laughing at me because of how loopy it made me.  They actually turned to Papa and said "Well, your wife never tried recreational drugs, did she?"  (And nope I never touched a single one in my life!) 
I am fairly sure the original person checking me in that I was there trying to score some narcotics!  And honestly, out of those 30 low dose valium which the prescription says to take twice per day, I will probably use four or five in TOTAL!  The rest will sit in my linen closet until doomsday.

Anyway I am home and hopefully on the mend....although they do want me to check in with my primary doctor in a few weeks to see how things are going.  Fine.  I can do that.

Which brings me to the farmers market....

We needed milk and yogurt for Papa and, while he would have waited until next week, I didn't want him to have to do that.  Plus, we had to scrap our original plans for the day (drive to Vermont to take a hike and have lunch) so I didn't want to sit around feeling sorry for myself if I didn't have to!  Haha!

We arrived at the market on the later side (11 am) so some things were already sold out but here's what we were able to get:

Dairy Lady:  $13
1 bottle of whole milk
1 pint of blueberry yogurt
1 pint of raspberry yogurt

City Seed Bakery:  $3.75
1 baguette

Buttonwood Farms:  $12
1 large bunch of beets with greens attached
1 small box of shitake mushrooms
1 medium box of green beans

Total Spent Today:  $27.75*

*I have been to the grocery store too and will have to add those numbers up in another post this week to close out August's groceries.

Anyway, off to the heating pad for awhile!

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!


  1. I'm so sorry you had such an 'interesting' ER checkin. Having had a similar experience with 2 ruptured disks & 3 spine surgeries I can relate to the pain in the butt it us when you're truly in pain and addicts are the ones who keep you from getting the relief you need.

    1. OUCH! I can't even imagine how much pain you must have been in! But, yeah, I guess everyone has to be cynical or a skeptic when it comes to pain management. If I was someone who had been to the ER regularly and asked for medication, well then I would completely understand. But yeah, the addicts are the ones who makes the medical profession question everyone's intentions.