Thursday, August 25, 2016

Getting Guppy 1 on the Right Track and My $15.20 Piece of Heaven

So, as I think I have mentioned previously, my two girls are the only grandchildren on my side of the family.  As such, they have grown up....okay, I admit it....pretty spoiled - mostly by my parents but I guess, when compared to other kids their age, by us too.

Guppy 1 is going to be 18 in a few short months (!) and is really thinking about doing a "gap year".  And, because of this and many other reasons, it is high time she start to learn a little about finding bargains while shopping!  It's something I should have started doing long ago with her but better late than never!  Plus, I think she is finally at the level where she is more receptive to this thought process.

The past two days have been spent scouring three separate malls with her.  While she didn't get a lot in the way of clothing, she did get a few pieces to carry her through until I take her again when the cooler weather becomes more of a reality than it is now - the first day of school is Monday and the high is predicted to be 90 degrees!  Definitely not jean and sweater weather!

Here's the awesome thing that happened to make me think she really is getting the idea about looking for the best deals...

She loooooves makeup so of course we had to hit Ulta, The Body Shop, & Sephora.  But she really tried to scope out the deals and I'm pretty proud of how well she did!

At Ulta she got over $140 worth of product for under $60!  And, she had a $25 gift card so her out of pocket portion was something like $33!  And, the first thing she did when we got out of the store was to text her very frugal BFF!  She was able to get a free high end eye shadow (retail price $20) thanks to an email I received for a birthday freebie promotion.  Then she was able to purchase $21.50 in Ulta line cosmetics (she picked things she needed anyway) to receive a pouch filled with something like $88 worth of free products!  Go Kiddo!

Then, while at the Body Shop, we were able to stock up on her favorite facial line for 40% off - win for my budget line on these items!  And, then, while talking with the associate, we realized that I didn't receive my $10 birthday freebie there so...G1 had her eye on this special face mask (priced at $38 and NOT part of the 40% sale!) so, the associate worked her magic using my birthday promo money and some other promotional % off on my store card and G1 walked out of the store with her face mask for a mere $14.25 (her money)! 

At Sephora, she decided to only buy the one thing she needed using part of her $50 gift card and decided to "save" the rest of the card for another day....Something I don't think I have ***EVER*** seen her do!

To say that she was very excited over all this would be putting it mildly!  And, for me - someone who literally would go to the mall every weekend at her age with my mom's credit card in my hand - I am pretty damn hopeful that I am "breaking the cycle" with which I grew up!

As for my piece of heaven....

Yesterday I went to Target and bought myself a heating pad.  I didn't go for the top of the line controls up the whazoo one.  I just went with a solid quality brand name.  Total came to $15.20 after I used the $5 Target card Papa got from one of the vendors during his last business trip.  While I originally felt guilty buying it, that feeling is long gone!  haha!  I went to sleep with it on (it has automatic shut off after two hours) and then turned it back on for an hour this morning....What a difference it made in my pain level!  While my back isn't perfect, I can walk around without being hunched over like a little old lady!  I'll do it again for the next few nights and see what happens.  Of course my nurse mom still would like to see my get a Lyme's titer....I'll reevaluate the idea come next week.

So, there you have it folks!

Have a good night!

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