Monday, August 1, 2016

HUGE Costco Haul

* I know how very lucky I am to have family so willing to help out so please don't take this post as anything but me keeping track of what is in the house grocery-wise and being thankful to my parents!

So, very big trip to Costco today!  And quite honestly, my parents were encouraging me to get MORE! We are well set for the first half of August (besides dog food) at least so I'm hoping to keep groceries VERY low this month!  I'll come up with an actual amount for my budget later, for now, here's what I got:

1 (3lb) container of chocolate almonds
1 gigantic bag of mixed chocolate candy
1 flat (35 cans) Diet Coke
1 case (24 bottles) Diet Snapple
1 container (18 bottles) Ice Sparkling Flavored Water
1 case (40 bottles) of Poland Spring water
1 case (28 bottles) Gatorade
1 bag potato rolls (16 rolls total)
1 package of croissants (12)
1 container of apple cinnamon pinwheels (18)
1 container of mini donuts (54 total)
1 container of apple strudel (8)
2 loaves of Pepperidge Farm white bread
7 lb bag of brown sugar
2 dozen cage free eggs
2 personal sized watermelons
5 lbs baby creamer potatoes
1 large bag of broccoli
1 bag (2lbs) of fresh garlic
10 lb bag of carrots
2lb bag of Brussel sprouts
1 small bag of baby "snacking" cucumbers
4 lbs of butter
3 lb container of cheese tortellini
1 medium sized container of baby tomatoes
1 box (16 individual cups) hummus
1 gallon of milk
22 oz jar of pesto
1.5 lb wedge of parmesan cheese
1 lb block of Havarti horseradish cheese
1 (3 lb) bag of frozen mixed berries
1 package of two London broils
1 package (6 lbs) 88% ground beef
1 box (54 individual bags) Lays chips/snacks
1 box (24 individual) Pringles
2 boxes (4 bags) of Lucky Charms
2 boxes (4 bags) Frosted Mini Wheats
1 box (98 bars) Nature Valley crunchy granola bars
1 box (10 sleeves) Oreo cookies
1 box (6 large resealable containers) organic chicken stock
1 4 pack of organic Bertoli pasta sauce
1 pack (2 containers) Skippy peanut butter
1 large container of cinnamon
1 container (6 individual) vanilla salted caramel mousse
1 package (30 double rolls) of Charmin
My parents grabbed me a copy of a book I have been eyeing...
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Definitely one of the biggest trips I have done!  Or at least that's what my back and kitchen counters are telling me!  LOL

And, I realize that a LOT of what I bought is "junk" food.  But, my hope is that at least some of it will last until near the end of August - thus freeing up my available grocery money towards other things.

Time will tell.

Now back to trying to find places to put everything and dividing up that ground beef!

Happy Monday all!

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