Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Keeping on Track Moneywise....

Even as we worry and are sad regarding my brother in law, life is still moving on here and I have to do my best to keep things on track!

Sunday was a really productive day around the house!  I was a cleaning machine I tell you!  Funny thing is that, after I clean an area, I get very possessive over it and have been quite the dictator about those areas staying clean!  HAHA!  I do see the light at the end of the tunnel now though and I'm pretty excited about getting a new schedule together once school starts again.

Although I haven't posted a menu plan (yet), I have been sticking to making only food that is here in the house.  And, I am extremely happy to report that, so far, my grocery costs in August have been a grand total of...


That is going to change at the end of this week since I do have a growing list of items we are low on. But, I plan on being very careful and deliberate with the groceries this month.  I am determined to stay with my budget and not squander the generous trip to Costco from my parents earlier this month.

I have also been waiting to spend any money in the Pet and Health/Vitamin budgets as well - which has helped tremendously since I received another coupon for Vitamin World for $5 off since August is my birthday month!

I cancelled my hair appointment for Thursday since it would have cost upwards of $300 for cut and color.  I originally justified this expense because I haven't had my hair cut OR colored in almost one year but, after writing out the August budget, I decided to nix it.  Too many expenses associated with the whole back to school deal - supplies and BOTH guppies need new clothes/shoes.  So, I opted to let  G1 cut the dead ends of my hair - she did a pretty decent job too! - and decided that was good enough since I have been wearing my hair long anyway.  As for the gray, well I guess I will try a good old fashioned box of color from the drugstore!  LOL  G1 said she would help me do it so that's helpful.

And, I guess that's it for updates.  The Guppies are making me lose my train of thought by coming in and asking me a million questions right now and I have to get ready to take G2 and friends to a local state park to go hiking.  They are going on one trail and I'll probably stay and hike another.

Hope everyone has a nice Tuesday!


  1. Woo Hoo!! Great job on the spending. There are a lot of times that with a lot more work, you can eat out of the cupboards for a long time although the longer you go, the stranger the meals get and the lower the snacking inventory which tend to have people here revolting... they say they can't live without Cheez-Its. I told them that they could live without a lot of things so they need to be patient and wait for a sale. Glad that the Costco trip is helping stretch those grocery dollars. I am sure you will be under budget this month. Sorry about passing on the hair cut but I totally understand that too. I get my hair cut two or three times a year (no hair color) at a cheap place so that I spend around $50. It isn't always pretty but I trim it myself in between because I keep mine short...currently it is a mess and I am going in this month. Hope you enjoy your hair cut from your little one :)

    1. Thanks Alison! And, yeah, it does become a little more work to continue to eat out of the pantry (and there is quite a bit more grumbling) but I like keeping the money in our pockets a tad longer and the clearing out of the pantry shelves!
      As for the haircut, it really was less than an inch trim. And, since G1 is 17 and is a tad obsessive about getting things "even", I trusted her to the task! LOL