Saturday, August 6, 2016

My MRI and Burning Up!

My first selfie on this blog!  Haha!

I survived the MRI on Thursday...even without Papa being there.  I did have a minor panic attack when I first went into the machine, even though I did all my normal tricks (like closing my eyes before they started rolling me in).  I was able to calm myself down and NOT push the panic button at least.  But, I guess I had underestimated how much I had come to rely on Papa being there in the room with me.  Hopefully this will be the only one he has to miss.

As usual, the tech was lovely and I got very lucky in the fact that (for some reason) my neurologist didn't want the MRI done with contrast too!  That meant no IV and my total MRI time was about 45 minutes less!  (Yay!)

Since my doctor wanted whatever scans they had previously (along with this new one), the office gave me a CD copy of my images all the way back to 2014 (what they had).  So, of course I was curious and popped it into our home desktop.  I briefly tried to compare what I was looking at year to year but nothing was glaringly obvious.  (Guess that's why I am just the patient and NOT the doctor?!! LOL)

I will call my neuro's office Monday morning and schedule the follow up appointment - which we will make sure Papa is available to accompany me.

Yesterday was one of the best beach days we have had in a couple of years!  Everyone had a great and relaxing time and no one got sun-burned....

But me!

I am literally sunburned from my head to my toes - front and back!  At least it's even right?  LOL  I was more worried about making sure all the kids were sun screened and didn't end up taking care of myself as well as I should have.  Papa told me I was his own personal heater when we went to bed last night because my burn was radiating so much heat!

So, because I am red, puffy, and in pain, we didn't end up at the farmer's market today.  Heck, I don't think I will be venturing out much of anywhere this weekend!  I told my family I feel like the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera!  That should help make it a VERY frugal weekend though so silver lining!

Come to think of it....another silver lining is that my MS isn't acting up too much right now....even though I am so sunburned and hot.  Weird but something I am not questioning too much!  I'm just happy that this is the case!

Hope you all have a great Saturday!


  1. Besides the burn it sounds like you had a good couple of days!!

  2. I close my eyes before going into MRIs too. They are normally not really bad for me until I have to get off the table because my back, shoulders have all frozen from being in one position for so long. Glad that it went well and hope all good news. The sunburn is the price of motherhood. Did it the other day to myself but luckily didn't get burnt too bad!! Heal quickly and rest up!!

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  4. I feel your pain because I have panic attacks, too. I've suffered from panic attacks for about 5 years now. I’m so glad you survived. I had an MRI done a few years ago and it was a little nerve racking, but nothing too bad. I'm glad you got it done and I hope everything turns out fine.