Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Off to the Mall Soon....And Buying a Heating Pad!

Guppy 2 got off bright and early this morning for her Great Adventure (2 day!) trip with the BFF and BFF's lovely aunt - who has always loved my daughter and treated her like another niece!  They won't be back until late tomorrow night so it's just Guppy 1, the animals, and me during the daytime.

After going through all the girls' clothing,  I have a semi-decent idea of their current needs.  With the limited amount of money I have currently, I am addressing those needs only.  We will continue to have mini shopping trips during the upcoming months to replenish fall/winter things since my experience with my girls shows that when I buy everything now they either:
1.  "forget" they had the items in their closets/drawers
2.  decide they no longer like the style/color/cut/etc of the items purchased
My hope is that shopping this way will help the girls become more thoughtful in their purchases.

I took G2 briefly on Monday afternoon.  She decided she only needed another pair of shorts and found four new summer style shirts she liked.  Total cost for her was under $75 - thanks to an American Eagle gift card she had left.  When G2 is done shopping, she's done shopping.  I couldn't even cajole the girl into stepping foot into a shoe store on Monday.  (She could use another pair of sneakers and a pair of cheaper flats.)  But, in the end, I let it go for now.

Today, I am taking G1.  She is in pretty desperate need of more tops to get her through the first couple of warmer months of school.  She then tends to layer these shirts with flannels when it gets cold or even wears them under sweatshirts.  Also, I would like to check the shoe store for her as well since she needs new sneakers too....although something tells me she will be drawn to the new fall boots like a moth to a flame!  haha!

And, since I am taking her to a mall with an adjoining Target, I will be stopping in to buy myself a new heating pad!  My back pain is getting worse (although thankfully my neuro is fairly sure it isn't MS related) and the hot water bottle G1 made me last night seemed to help a bit.  My nurse mom thinks I need a Lyme's titer - which probably isn't a bad idea since I spend so much time hiking in the woods.  A call to my regular doc may be in order....But I think I will try to just talk to him on the phone and see if he will order the bloodwork for me without my having to come into the office - I'm trying to avoid a $35 co-pay here!

Anyway, Happy Hump Day!

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