Saturday, August 13, 2016

Paintball Means No Farmer's Market Today and A Question....

This is the second week in a row that we didn't get to the Farmer's Market!

Today didn't happen because G2 and friends needed to be driven to a paintball birthday party - yup you read that right! - for 10am and Papa didn't want to head to the market alone.

I guess the silver lining of not going is that it keeps more of the little grocery money left in my pocket.  But, I feel bad because Papa loves his yogurt from Smyth's Dairy - he usually has it for breakfast three plus times per week!  He said he will be fine with the "regular" yogurt that G1 and I like. 

I am not 100% sure about what's going on tomorrow morning but, as I am writing this, I just remembered we aren't going to be able to go next Saturday to go either!

Hmmmm.....I'll have to talk to Papa about what we should do later.  Hey, Ms. Sandie!  If you are reading this, just a little heads up I *may* be texting you later for directions to your farmer's market!  LOL

Back to the paintball deal....

I was very iffy about letting G2 go.  There were 15 kids in total and only 4 of them were girls.  They had to wear long pants and sweatshirts in 95 degree heat  AND it was over THREE hours long!  Obviously (from the above paragraphs) I let her go.  And, thankfully she came home relatively unscathed - unlike her BFF who has a knee that is bruised to bits!  G2 thought it was an okay time but not okay enough to try again - unless possibly in cooler weather and that's a huge possibly.  G2 says she much prefers laser tag - Yeah, I would too!

Here's something that is bugging me though (and maybe it's because I feel cranky/tired from our exploring yesterday which I will write a post about in the next few days).  So, here's the scenario and please, guys, tell me what you honestly think if it was your kid in this scenario....

So, this was a birthday party for G2's BFF's boyfriend.  I'm going to add that his father is a doctor and his mom a midwife - because they are known to be extremely well off.  (The birthday boy had made a comment while I was driving him in my car about G2 being "poor" awhile back.) 
Anyway, G2 was instructed to bring $20 with her to help pay for "things".  The best answer I could get out of her after the fact was the kids had to help pay for extra paintballs, the pizza, and tipping the pizza  delivery person.  So, factoring out the birthday boy and his brother, that's 13 kids that had to each bring $20 to cover a birthday party!
It seems bizarre to me....
When G2 had her amusement park birthday party, the kids paid for incidentals (like games or the skycoaster ride) and most of them brought a little cash for lunch, BUT I paid for everything else because I felt it was my place to do so since we invited these kids to a birthday party. And, remember this was an overnight party so I also paid for dinner, breakfast, the cabin, etc.
I (half-jokingly) told Papa this afternoon that maybe this is the reason why we don't have as much money as some of the other families in town....because we pay for everything and I am constantly driving everyone else's kids around.
Anyway, having to bring money to a birthday party just irked me quite a bit.  G2 shrugged it off and took it out of the allowance money I gave her for the rest of the summer.
What do you guys think about asking these kids to bring money to help pay for extra paintballs, pizza, and tipping the delivery person?
Am I just being cranky?  (which could very possibly me I know this! LOL)


  1. My daughter went to a birthday party at one of those inside trampoline places and we had to pay for her admission ticket. That plus a gift was over $50. To me, it's tacky to invite people to a party and expect them to pay. But that might just be my opinion!!! No roasting!!!

    1. I agree it's tacky. My feeling is that if you can't/won't afford how many friends your child wants to attend then you need to either cut down the guest list or re-evaluate the party place. But, again that's just my opinion.

    2. I agree. We never know how "in debt" someone with a good job is. But still I gave awesome parties when my kids were still at home right through the teen years. Yep, you either cut the size of the party or re-evaluate where you are having it and what you are doing. Seems like asking the kids to pay for pizza and tips, etc... is a little odd in my book.

  2. I am going but I will be honest,compared to Saturday you will be disappointed. I love my city seed, and even if I could go on Saturday I don't think I would as it is always so crowded. You can still get dairy but from different farm. Poultry and beef/pork. No seafood. Only Sonofor bakery. Take parkway south exit after tunnel. Right off exit. Continue down Whalley through west ills village and make sure you get in right lane at DD. Market on corner on right. Edgewood Park. 10-1

    1. Thank you for saving me the trip this morning since we are all exhausted! G2 was supposed to sleepover at a friend's house last night and we ended up having to pick her up very late because she had a horrific she was literally throwing up and couldn't see! When she gets these really bad migraines, nothing helps but vomiting and sleeping but sleeping is hard to come by when her little head hurts that bad. Heat is one of her migraine "triggers" and I'm sure it came from the 95 degree heat and running around in heavy clothing for so long. (Kicking myself again for letting her go paintballing) Anyway at least she is feeling MUCH better this morning!
      And, I know exactly where the other market is now!!! Glad you told me that the dairy is different since that would have been the reason we dragged ourselves down there today.

  3. Ok, now Iha e read about the birthday party. Guests had to pay for pizza?!? I can see additional paintballs as the party pkg probably only included so many. But if We're hosting such apartheid, once the balls are used up that's it. And I think it is rude to not provide the refreshments. You are right Stephanie. TACKY

    1. Mamafish, you know I will have more to say on this in person. LOL

    2. I thought it was tacky too and pretty wasteful actually. I don't know how many pizzas were ordered but, the kids were eating on the ground in the heat of the parking lot. (Since it's a paintball place and in a wooded area, everything is done outside and there aren't any buildings to do parties in.) I only bring up where they were eating because all five kids I transported said that they couldn't eat much because they were all feeling crappy from the heat. G2 only took two bites of one slice.
      I don't know....maybe I'm being a bit too harsh on the mom. Maybe she doesn't get as hyper/anal/crazy as I get around party times. It's over so I am going to move on.
      Now....that vocal coach however....Haha!

  4. To lease come to my party & pay for it too? Tacky! Even when my youngest wanted to invite friends to celebrate birthday at the local-ish climbing gym a I paid for the 3 friends...we invited. Their moms tried but I told them we invited them to come climb - it's what birthday kid wanted in lieu of a traditional party.