Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Reading Challenge: What I Read in August

2016 Reading Challenge

1.  A book published this year
2.  A book you should have read in school, but didn't
3.  A  book you have been meaning to read
4.  A book with an interesting cover
5.  A book you own but haven't read
6.  A book that received bad reviews
7.  A book with water on the cover
8.  A book in a genre you have never read
9.  A favorite book from your childhood
10.  A book by an author you have never read before
11.  A book that deals with an issue close to your heart
12.  A book "everyone" has read but you
13.  A book about the decade you were born in
14.  A book based on a true story
15.  A book set in the summer
16.  A book set in a country you wish to visit
17.  A Young Adult best seller
18.  A book that's longer than 500 pages
19.  A book that makes you smarter
20.  A book you can finish in a day
21.  RA NY Times best seller
22.  A book about a culture with which you are unfamiliar
23.  A book with an apocalyptic theme
24. A book set during Christmas time
25.  A funny book
26.  A book with a one word title
27.  A popular author's first book
28.  A cookbook
29.  A book by someone with the same first name as you
30.   A book of your choosing

Not much reading happened in August.  Maybe it was all the fun we were having?  Or all the driving I was doing for the Guppies?  Whatever the reason, I read only one book in August.  But, at least it was a good one!  =)

26.  A book with a one word title
Revival by Stephen King
Jamie Morton is a six year old boy living in a very small town in Maine when Reverend Jacobs, his wife, and son move to town to become the new minister.  Everyone loves the new minister until his wife and son are killed in a tragic accident and the grieving Jacobs delivers "The Terrible Sermon" on the Thanksgiving after his family dies.  The town decides to banish him but Jamie never forgot the last sermon his beloved reverend ever made.  In what appears to be a twist of fate, a heroin addicted mid thirty year old Jaime meets up with the reverend again at a travelling carnival of all places.  Reverend Jacobs, who had always been obsessed with electricity, has a side show going there but, when he discovers Jaime's drug addiction, claims he can "cure" him through the use of "secret electricity".  And, much to Jaime's disbelief, it works but at what cost? And how far will Reverend Jacobs take his obsession with this secret electricity?  And, what rips in reality is he making in the process?
It's no secret that I am a fan of Stephen King.  But, while he can spin an amazing story, I am well aware that sometimes his endings can be quite flat or underwhelming.  However, this book doesn't disappoint and the ending is actually very well written and slightly terrifying!  It was a solid five out of five stars and one of my favorite King books to date.

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