Sunday, August 28, 2016

Recent Freebies!

I haven't posted any freebies in awhile because it seems I had hit a "dry spell" - other than the Costco trip from my parents at the beginning of August obviously.

Anyway, here are a few things that have come my way this week....

*Papa brought home two delicious vegetarian sandwiches that were leftover from one of his lunch meetings at work.

*My mom picked up my medications from the pharmacy and decided to pay for it which kept $7.67 in my pocket.

*Also my mom bought us dinner Friday night so I wouldn't have to attempt to cook with my back!  The take out dinner came to a little under $30.

*  The Freebie Fairy dropped off a goodie bag to my house yesterday with the following:

a loaf of bread - I can't tell you what kind because the writing on the bag is another language!  I really should try Google translate to see what it is!  But I can tell you that it's yummy!
a "bridesmaid" coffee mug - consignment shop bound
a fleece blanket - G1 grabbed it since G2 grabbed the last one she gave us like this but in a different color
a Michael Korrs watch still in the box! - possibly consignment bound but maybe Ebay instead  I haven't decided yet.

And, that's it for now!  Going to try to enjoy the last day of summer vacation with the Guppies the best I can!

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