Thursday, August 4, 2016

Semi-Busy Day...

Hope everyone has a nice Thursday!

I'll be fairly busy today - even though I am exhausted from picking Papa up from the airport at 1am last night/this morning!

Quick side note:  I never got to a single project that I had written down to accomplish while Papa was out of town.  Life has been too hectic to take the time I need to get any of them done so I will be side-tabling them until the beginning of school.

Today I have to get some laundry done - especially since Papa was kind enough to bring me home his full suitcase of dirty clothes - LOL.

I have a LOT of prep work to do before our trip to the beach in Rhode Island tomorrow:
Launder towels/beach blankets
Make sure bathing suits are ready to go
Pull out beach chairs/umbrella and load in car
Wash out cooler
Pack backpack with sunscreen, first aid kit, etc.
Make pasta salad/sandwiches
Pack non perishables like chips/cookies


My MRI is scheduled for this afternoon....

I hate that Papa can't come with me (have I ever mentioned that I am claustrophobic?) but decided that it was in my best interest to take the first appointment available.  Seriously though, after seven? eight? years of getting these things - sometimes two to three times in one year! - you would think I would have gotten used to them!  But, nope!  The facility I'm scheduled at isn't my first choice, although it is the one I have gone to the past three times because it's cheaper than my favorite place.  But, the people are nice is actually a satellite branch and within walking distance of my house (less than 1/2 mile).  So, there are my silver linings of the day!

Anyway, time to get moving, take a shower, walk the dog, and tackle some of my to do list!


  1. Hope your MRI went well and hope you have a blast on your beach trip!