Friday, August 12, 2016

Spendy Spendy Thursday!!!

Whoa!  Yesterday a LOT of cash flowed out of our house!  Most (but not all) were already planned purchases and bill paying but still my checking account and debit cards got workouts!

Here's what was spent (not including the scheduled bills):

Car Services:  $162.91 (Budgeted $75)

Papa's car needed its "fancy" oil so I gave him the $30 needed to buy a 5 quart container - which is a cheaper deal than buying each quart individually.  I guess he had researched information on his car and found that this make/model goes through about one quart every 600 - 700 miles.  He will call the dealer and make an appointment to ensure nothing else is going on however.  If the mechanics DO find something else, no worries because it should be covered by our warranty.

My car was in desperate need of an oil change so I headed out this morning (with $5 coupon in hand!).  Cost should have been $34.98.  However.... upon the garage's usual inspections, the mechanic found that our serpentine belt was woefully dry rotting and cracked in a million places.  We have never changed this belt in all the time and 250K miles we have had the car!  And, since I have a trip to Massachusetts planned today and one to New Jersey next week, I decided it was more frugal to replace it now than get stranded on the side of some road waiting for AAA.  The belt and its installation was an additional 89.99 to my oil change bill.

Pet Supplies:  $74.49  (Budgeted $150)

I had to go to three different stores on Thursday to get this done!

First stop, the local grocery store to pick up:
Rabbit food
2 (3.75lb) small bags of dog food (I had $4 coupons off each bag since it's a newer product!)

Then, a larger name pet store:
Ferret food

Finally, my local Mom & Pop pet/feed store:
Cage cleaner for the ferret
Bedding for the rabbit

I opted not to get any more hay for the rabbit yet since we still have a good 1/2 bag.  While at the Mom & Pop, I asked about getting our brand of ferret food through them instead of the bigger named store.  They are more than happy to help and it will cost me slightly less per same sized bag -and that's before factoring in gas and time!  So yay!

Grocery Store:  $121.30  (Budgeted $200 for rest of August)

I took a slightly larger chunk out of my budget than I originally planned on yesterday.  So, I will be keeping a close eye on the remaining $$$.  Again, we are fairly stocked up so I would like to try to make it at least another 10 days before heading back to the grocery store....Saturday Farmer's Market is not included in that ten day fast however!
Here's what was purchased:

6 pack of soft hoagie style rolls
6 pack of corn muffins
2 packages of English muffins
1 large tub of Stoneyfield vanilla yogurt
1 bag of shredded cheddar cheese
1 bag of flour tortillas
1/3 lb of Boar's Head deli hard salami
1/3 lb of Boar's Head deli Honey Maple Turkey
1 lb of store brand American cheese
1 box of mini ice cream sandwiches
1 box of "drumstick" style ice cream cones
1 (12 oz) bag of frozen raspberries
1 small box of pizza rolls
2 boxes of frozen pierogi
1 large bag of frozen French fries
2 Friendly's ice cream sundae cups
2 cans of diced tomatoes
2 cans of kidney beans
1 can of chopped chili peppers
1 jar of pineapple salsa
1 large box of store brand Rice Krispies
3 12pks of diet coke products (I have a major addiction to diet coke, I know!)
10 Ice Sparkling water drinks
5 bottles of diet Snapple
1 bag of peanut butter cookie mix
1 box of store brand "Ritz"
1 bottle of squeeze style Welch's grape jelly
1 bag of lime tortilla chips
1 bag of reg corn tortilla chips
1 bag of tortilla chip "strips"
2 packages of Goldfish crackers
1 bag of store brand marshmallows
1 box of frozen hashbrowns
1 lb of store brand bacon
1 package of Perdue chicken nuggets (special request from G2)
1 lb of sweet potatoes
1 (16oz) jar of fresh salsa
3lb bag of onions
1 (8oz) package of mushrooms

Health, Bath, & Beauty: $13.80   (Budgeted $125)

So, I bought two boxes of hair color for myself - a far more frugal endeavor than my original hair appointment!  Guppy 1 and her BFF wanted to color my hair for me and, honestly, were more meticulous and did a much better job than I would have done if left to my own devices.
I am continuing to hold off on purchasing any more facial or body soap for the moment.  I just cannot justify it when I have so many small bars for both lying around my linen closet.
I will be buying some of the needed vitamins this weekend so I'm not jumping for joy about being under this budget quite yet!


That's where my spendy Thursday left me!

But at least most of it was budgeted for!

How about you?  Have any of you found yourselves doing a good deal of spending this week?


  1. I have today your serpentine cost wasn't as bad as I feared! Good idea to ask the Mom and Pop to order you the pet food. I saw pics of hair, girls did a great job!!

  2. Great to have helpers!! I think that I might have to come to your little ones to get my hair cut!!! Awesome that they did a great job with the hair dye. Sorry to hear about all the repairs!! Car repair is hard to budget because it never seems to come in when you expect it and what you think it should cost :(

    1. Alison, it's a budget line I need to start thinking about however. My car has over 250K miles on it and has been amazing but how long can I expect it to continue without having things break or in need of replacement? I feel like I'm on a bit of borrowed time and should try to start addressing it come September.

  3. That's about what or serpentine belt cost when we had it done about a month ago. We've had ours done about 3 times over the 11 years of having the car. (Scion - Toyota) But all in all we don't end up with much else that needs doing on this car. It is a lot of work to get to the serpentine belt in most cars and not just popping off the old one and putting on a new one. Glad you got it done before going on any long trips. You know how out of town garages can be so spendy or you might get stuck in the boonies. Take care.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Crystal! I feel better about spending the money knowing that the price was comparable to what it should have been! And, I completely agree with the out of town garages! =)