Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday Musings...

Totally wish this could be me today!

Welcome to the mish-mosh that is my brain today!

It's an absolutely gorgeous Sunday outside my world but we are scrapping our Castle Craig hiking plans because a) I still am completely sunburned - especially my face  and b)there is too much work to do around the house today!

However, as I am doing all the housework (and possibly helping Papa with the yard), here are the things floating around my mind....

1.  Friday's post by SAM over at Sam, Coffee, Money, & Thyme about how she handles abundance.  If you don't follow her blog, go check it out.  Like Sam, I tend to keep a handle on things MUCH better when there is, time, items, etc.  So, thanks to Sam, I am rolling some ideas around in my head regarding self-imposed limits to help make life easier.  I'll let you guys know if/when I come up with some good ones that could possibly work for me.

2.  I am thinking about "my book" a lot again.  I cannot wait to get into a schedule once the guppies are back at school!  I know there are people out there who think that I am dropping the ball regarding this and I should just sit down and finish writing.  And, I definitely DO need to start setting time aside....BUT that's not how my creative side of  my brain is just sit down and complete it.  I need a trigger for lack of a better term.  And, last night, while walking with Papa I got one.  I have been stalled with my book because it seems the name I picked for my main character has become very popular over the course of the last few years for YA books.  But, it's been hard for me to wrap my head around changing the name - it's kind of like changing the names of your children.  LOL  Last night, Papa and I walked by a graveyard and I swear the moon was shining down on the one particular grave - thus lighting up the person's name.  And, just like that, inspiration struck!  Haha!

3.  Menu Planning for this week!  But first I need to think about....

4.  Our schedules for the week!  G1's BFF isn't working much this week so they want to get together and see what else they can accomplish off their summer bucket lists.  I have to check in with G2 -who seems to have plans every single day this summer!  And, I have to check with Papa to see what his schedule looks like for the upcoming week.

5.  Getting into my neuro to get the MRI results.  I am not all that nervous about it but I want to get things moving with my medication again.  And, I'm not sure how much back and forth there will be with our new insurance company since most of them want MS patients to try the lowest (aka cheapest) drug first.  And, the cheapest drug also has the most side effects and lowest efficacy overall.

6.  Finishing the rest of August's budget.  I have a newer household planner with a budgeting section that I am trying out this month.  It does help me feel more in control but it's not completed yet so I need to finish that soon.

And, I guess that is most of what I'll be thinking about as I launder, fold, iron, sweep, cook, and clean my way through Sunday!

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