Monday, August 29, 2016

Surviving the First Day and A Weird Question....

It appears we all survived the first day back to school!  I got a brief rundown from both Guppies....G1 filled me in a bit before she went to take a nap - readjusting to the school schedule is hard work LOL!  G2's rundown was brief too but, considering she had a bunch of close friends here after school with her, they were all talking at once and I got more of an overall view of a freshman's first day of high school!    I'm bound to find out more over dinner tonight.

Speaking of which... I took a short cut and grabbed us a rotisserie chicken and will just make the sides.  Not very frugal I know but still better than takeout, right?

You see, I have been up since 5:30 this morning - very early for me considering I went to bed at 11pm!  First I made Papa and the Guppies a special treat for breakfast - Nun's Puffs.  It's not a fancy breakfast but it is time consuming!  Then, after driving BOTH guppies to the SAME school (Yay for that!), I came back and went on a cleaning rampage....Well the best rampage I could do while being careful with my back that is!  While I am definitely NOT a neat freak, having the house in a bit better order makes me feel calmer....which is ALWAYS a great thing!

While the Gupps haven't had all their classes yet since it's the first day of a rotating schedule, dribs and drabs of supplies lists are coming in.  G2 handed hers over to me when she walked in the door and I was able to take care of two classes with what I have here in the house already!  SCORE ONE FOR MOM!  Unfortunately, the math teacher is requiring a specific Texas Instruments calculator in an update version/generation.  I priced it out on Amazon and the best I could find (for the lowest version the teacher would "accept" the students using) was $88! I'm definitely not thrilled about this BUT I am hopeful that G2 will get more use of the calculator as I believe she may end up taking more advanced math classes than her older sister has (even though math isn't either of their strong point).

G1 will hand her forms over to me after dinner and I can hopefully fulfill most of her teachers' requirements by shopping at home.

My "plan" for this week is to try to stay on top of the parts of the house I already took care of and to tackle some more of my "problem" areas...bedroom closets anyone?

Now, onto the potentially weird question....I'm just wondering if I am the *only* person who does this sort of thing....

When Guppy 2 asked to have her friends over, I thought it was going to be the "usual" set...until she texted me at lunch to say two new people were included in the group coming over.  Well, I ramped up my cleaning in the areas the kids would be most likely in!  And, I did it because of the two  people coming who have never been here before!

So, do YOU guys have levels of "clean' for certain people to come over?  Like for both girls' BFF's, my level is low because they are considered family.  Seriously, my house could look ransacked and I would say "Come on in!" if they were at my door.  Then I have a "second tier" of people who can come over if the house is a little messy/cluttered.  And, then there is the "Hell No Way!" tier of people who can't see my place unless I hire Merry Maids (which I don't by the way) to come clean it up first!

Am I alone with this?


  1. Glad the guppies and you survived the first day! As far as ypur question.. I will admit I also have different levels for different people. It drives my husband insane but it is how i work. My bff can come over with the ransacked house look. If I know my parents are coming over it is a deeper clean. If it is my inlaws my house gets a deep,deep clean. So no you are not weird at all :)

    1. Glad I am in good company! =) Hope you are recovering well!!!!!

  2. I have different standards for different visitors too.