Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Taking Stock, Needs, & the August Grocery Budget

Trying to figure out the August grocery budget has been tougher for me than I feel it should have been.

I was gifted with that HUGE Costco trip which helps tremendously, afterall.


I want to set a reasonable enough goal that I can hit because, honestly, I am sick of failing.

I haven't gotten the kitchen as organized as I would have liked but, while tinkering around in there, I was able to take some stock in what we do have.....

Without too much rummaging of the freezer and with what was bought at Costco, I know we have:

6 dinner sized packages of ground beef
1 very large London Broil  (the other was eaten last night)
1 large roasting chicken
3 or 4 dinner sized packages of BSCB
1 large bag of baby back ribs
2 packages of ham slices
2 weeks worth of croissants
1 extra loaf of bread
various packages of frozen veggies

A quick look in the pantry/cupboards shows me that I have:

5 jars of pasta sauce
7 or 8 boxes of pasta (various shapes)
1 box of scalloped potato mix
1/2 bag of bread flour
1 full bag of AP flour
5 lbs of sugar
7 lbs of brown sugar
2 or 3 boxes of cake mix
2 containers of frosting
More than enough chips/snacks
Hopefully enough drinks to last 2 to 3 weeks

Basically I guess what I'm saying is that I am *hoping* to get away with a lot of perishable shopping (milk, fruit, veggies) and not much more than that - especially when talking about meal planning.

There are some upcoming needs however....

The Pets are getting their own budget this month separate from the groceries.  I know that all three are going to need food at some point in August as well as the bunny needing hay and bedding.  I'm going to budget $150 for their needs this month and try my hardest to come under budget.

Health & Bath....
We are completely out of our preferred facial wash and are using up the mini samples/hotel sized bars before I run out to purchase more.  Ditto for the shower gel.  I am starting to hear some grumblings about this but using up the smaller sized/less desirable ones will free up some much needed room in my linen closet.
Papa is almost out of some of the vitamins he takes to prevent migraines.  Guppy 1 is also getting low on some of the vitamins she takes to help prevent acne breakouts.  I have a free membership to Vitamin World (closest location in the mall twenty minutes from our house) and received a $20 off $75 coupon for this month.  Sadly, as we have been buying G1's vitamins in dribs & drabs, I haven't been keeping track of cost.
So, between the facial wash and shower gel stock up AND the vitamins, I am allocating $125.  Again, I will try to come under budget here.

For the rest of the August grocery budget (including the Farmer's Market), I am planning on allocating $200.  That should be sufficient enough to cover the rest of our needs.


Pet Needs:  $150
Health & Bath:  $125
Grocery:  $200

August "Grocery" Budget:  $475

Still quite "spendy" but I think that breaking it into the different categories will help keep spending in check.

Wish me luck!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Summer always throws my grocery budget into wacky land. I recover in September though. It's just harder to keep track when it's mostly produce and we are on the go more

    1. EVERYTHING seems to derail for me during the summer months! While I definitely need to plan better when possible, I am thinking that I need to create some sort of "summer slush fund" for next year to help cover the extra costs!

  2. Summer is hard for me to plan for too because it is hard for me to make it to the store and hard to know where we are going to be at dinner time. The other part of not making the grocery budget is at least it is spent to have healthy food at home and not eat out which is always more expensive. I am sure you will work it out and suffer through the grumbling on the personal care items. I used all the hotel soaps myself so I know how it goes!! I still have some hotel and sample shampoo but I actually enjoy trying all the different kinds. The great news is that you have at least two cakes in your future :) LOL!!! I really want to go through a "normal" families receipts and see how much they spend on a monthly basis because sometimes it feels like it shouldn't be this hard but sometimes it just is harder then others. The reason it is still hard is because we care :) Hoping for a great month for you!!!

    1. Thank Alison! I am realizing it's hard to compare grocery receipts with other people...not just because there are people out there like you who put me to shame! Haha! =) But, parts of the country are so much CHEAPER food wise than Connecticut! Heck, I can go one TOWN over to the same supermarket chain as my own town and prices are considerably less.
      Hope you have a great month as well!