Thursday, August 18, 2016

Update:Toxic/Difficut People Edition

Warning...I'll try not to rant too much but read at your own risk!  Haha!

As I was thinking about all the updates I need to post, I came across a bit of a theme so I decided to lump the following three things together.  All are energy drains that seriously need to be cut out of our lives...some temporarily and some permanent.

My Brother In Law

He had his "hearing" at the hospital and, as predicted, he was removed from the liver donation list.  He is not eligible for at least six months, if he can maintain sobriety.  Papa, his mom, and his sister were all there with him for moral support.  But, BiL was told that the law is the law - if you get caught with alcohol in your system, you cannot receive a liver.  Papa asked if that included family donation.  The doctor (thankfully) said yes.  They will not risk ANY life for someone caught drinking.  So, at this point, Papa is absolved (both in his own eyes and his family) from any guilt whatsoever.  Papa can't legally swoop in and save the day.
BiL is now living with my MiL (she's home from the hospital).  I'm sure he is going stir crazy there since there are far too many people and animals living in that house already.  I'm very concerned that he wants to come live up here with us.  He tried inviting himself on the Great Adventure trip G2 is taking with her BFF (when he thought I was going to be bringing them).  Papa explained the situation so bullet dodged there.  I talked to Papa last evening and told him, point blank, that I was not equipped to handle him living here and the Guppies would be pissed off if he ended up living on our couch.  It just can't happen.  And, I really don't want to be mean, but if BiL got one little toe inside our house, it would be over and he wouldn't want to leave.  It's not that our house is anything special because it's not.  It's just less crazy than my MiL's.
While my heart truly is broken about my BiL's situation and life, I am not willing to put my family at risk in any way, shape, or form.

G1's Vocal Coach

I wrote a few weeks back how he blew us off and really cut G1's time in order to schmooze a bigger money maker family.  Well, the following week, we ended up not being able to keep her lesson due to schedule conflicts (I was on my own while Papa was away on business).  Then, the NEXT week, he decided he needed a "vacation" from the six week drama/vocal club he did at his studio.  So, yesterday was our first lesson for August.
Anyway, on Monday, he messaged me asking to have G1 switch her time slot for the Fall schedule.  And, on top of everything else that has been happening - short lessons, no homework, no direction, not teaching her the style she wants to learn -  G1 blew a gasket.   Apparently, there is a new girl that started coming to the studio that wants G1's slot!  She started in July and is more of a money maker in that she will be doing more than "just" vocals.  So, yup, all done.
I messaged him back yesterday and told him that August will be our last month at his studio.  Of course I gave me some wishy washy excuse of G1's plans to work a lot for money towards her gap/travel year.  While that is partially true, I didn't address everything that I should have.  Ms. Sandie, I feel you shaking your head at me!  LOL   At the end of the message, I did say that I hope these last few weeks could be productive ones....hoping that he would read between the lines a bit.
His reply to me was pretty much "Okay.  She'll be missed.  Onto the next."
Whatever since we all just want it to be over at this point.
G1 comes out of lessons last night and was beyond frustrated.  Know why? Because NOW he decided he would teach her what she really wanted to learn.  SAY WHAT?  He still cut her time by five minutes (lessons are only 30 minutes) but, he literally said to her last night that he wanted to stop doing "operatic" scales with her. 
Seriously, what the heck is going on there?
My younger daughter said that maybe he wants to try to keep G1 and show her that he would work with her on what she wants.  I would love to believe that but I doubt it.  He has more or less said in the past that there are always more students to take a leaving student's position. 
Did the last line of my message make a difference and he realized that I called him out about how the past few months have been going?
Or, the most likely scenario...
He doesn't want us to leave and bad mouth his studio.
Whatever it is, I hope it continues because it would be nice to finally get a little bit of our money's worth out of these final lessons.

My Sister in Law

(As in MY brother's wife)

I am just tired of having to always be the one to "play" nice.  To be blunt, the woman is bat shit crazy.  Like psychotic, bipolar, delusional, and a hypochondriac.  No joke!
She and I have polar opposite views of the world to say the least as well.
And, seriously what thirty year old woman thinks she deserves a birthday MONTH?  Yes, she also has a "Feed Me and Tell Me I'm Pretty" complex.
I found out from MY mother that she was talking about ME to HER!  And, that she was unfollowing me on social media because of "my views of things".  Okay, first of all you are talking to MY mom sweetheart.  Who would have the nerve to bash someone's kid to their face?  Second of all, I am aggravated because I was instructed to NOT delete her from any of my social media becaue it would be the nice thing to do.  Really?
It has been semi-tolerable up to this point because they live six hours away. 
Now they are planning on moving back to my parents' town which isn't enough distance for my taste.

I care so much because I really don't want to have them over for holidays any longer - they would come down for Christmas which I usually host.   At this point, I  cannot even look at her - lots of backstory not worth taking the time to write her.  I am thinking about telling my parents that we will come see them on Christmas Eve day and then just have Christmas by ourselves....which would be sheer bliss!  My hope is to try to talk Papa into letting us see his family just on Christmas Eve day as well.
Keep your fingers crossed for me!   HAHA

Okay, rant over.  Now I can focus more energy over the next few days writing about good stuff!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I am proud of everything you have done. Do what is best for you and family

    1. Thanks Sandie....It's not easy but there are things I have to stand up for sometimes. Though, I admit, part of me wishes that I had spoken up to Vocal Coach B a little more....BUT it would have gone in one ear and out the other anyway.