Thursday, August 11, 2016

What We Did Yesterday....

Wadsworth Falls

I was MIA yesterday because Guppy 1 and I decided to go on a little adventure despite the iffy weather.  (Guppy 2 had slept over her BFF's house and they were making dinner for their boyfriends....BFF's mom is a SAINT to let those girls tear up her kitchen!  HAHA)

First "stop" on our adventure was a drive by G1's new favorite YouTuber's house.  She was excited to find out he lived in Connecticut and was curious about where he lived.  A very simple google search brought up his address so we decided to take a little 45 minute drive for a little "looksee".  Seriously all we did was drive down the road and I let her snap a picture with her IPhone out the window.   LOL

Our second stop was to one of my favorite little coffee shops in Durham.  We had a nice lunch of very filling (and GIANT!) crepes and drinks for $19 while we waited to see if the pouring rain that had started would clear up.

The rain stopped so we decided to risk our third scheduled "stop" to the above picture.  It took us forever to find an actual entrance/parking lot to Wadsworth Falls State Park!  Siri kept giving me crazy bringing me into neighborhoods and telling me to "prepare to park my car and walk to my destination".  It was very strange.  However, we did finally find an actual entrance but as we were standing looking at the bulletin board park map, a couple came up to us (soaked from being stuck in the rain) and told us which trail would get us to the falls BUT we could drive our car almost right up to them too.  We decided to take the hike, which was nice but ended up leading us out to a road we had to walk down - obviously the one the couple told us about.  Truthfully the falls were nice but it was by far the strangest, most disjointed state park I have ever visited anywhere!

In trying to find our way home via backroads, G1 and I spotted our last but very UNscheduled stop - an abandoned building.  G1 is very interested in "urban exploration" and taking photos of decaying buildings.  I seem to have caught her enthusiasm - especially since I love reading up on the history of old/defunct buildings.  Since the building was open, we decided to go on a quick little exploration...

We found out once we returned home and did a quick internet search that this building was once part of a larger "school" campus.  Most of the other buildings have been torn down I guess but, this "school" was started in the late 1800's as a place for "troubled" girls.  It later morphed into more of a girls juvenile detention facility and then finally became co-ed back in second half of the 1900's. (I think that's what my research said)  Sadly, there was a LOT of abuse that occurred and the state finally closed the facility down in 2003 after the suicide of a 15 year old girl revealed how badly the school was meeting the emotional/psychological/medical needs of its "students". 
I plan on doing more research on the school and trying to figure out what the building we were in was used for specifically.  I will say that, considering it has been closed down since 2003, the place was virtually untouched by vandals and in pretty pristine condition for an abandoned building.

So, that was our adventure yesterday.

For the cost of 1/3 tank of gas and our $19 lunch, I would say it was a fairly frugal day!


  1. Creepy building. Looks like one of the dorms I lived in at CCSU - lol!

    1. Funny you say that since this building is across the street from Weslyan University AND I think the college bought the property! Haha!
      Oh, and dorms are pretty creepy in general huh? Glad I spent my college days in off campus housing! =)

  2. if that building was in my neck of the woods it would have been taken over by the homeless, for sure

    1. I hear you! BUT, I think being on a main road across from a college was a deterrent to that happening.