Friday, September 9, 2016

Daybook: September 9th

The above picture is of the "Stowe Mercantile Bears".  They live at one of my favorite little shops at my happy place and people are always taking pictures with them and posting on Instagram!  Aren't they adorable?

Outside my window....  Well, it's actually hard to even see out my front window right now because of the condensation - I guess the inside A/C and outside humidity don't like each other very much! I do see shapes of cars passing by and kids walking by off to the bus stop!

I'm thinking...  Lots of things!  My mind is racing around at the moment!  I'll pick the top three things I guess.  1.  How much more relaxed I am since I stopped talking to my mother.  It's weird how much more in control I feel of the life Papa and I have created too!  Money may be tight but this feeling of independence is worth every penny!  2.  How I have to have a "quick conversation" with the Guppies this weekend about the mess they are leaving before and after school!  Yes, I know they are in a rush in the morning and are tired after they come home but I would rather not spend all morning cleaning up their disasters!  Haha!  3.  How I am going to start the revision of a short story I wrote about three years ago.  I really like it but think it needs some tweaking before I try to send it out anywhere.

I'm wearing...  Typical "mom" attire:  black t-shirt, gray shorts, Keds

I'm hearing...  The whirring of the A/C unit in my dining room.

I'm creating...  Nothing at the moment.  Although I do need to set up/decorate next week's layout in my Mambi planner at some point this weekend.

I'm reading...  The House We Grew Up In by Lisa Jewell...I love it and will most likely finish it at some point this weekend!

I'm surprised by...  The fact that I really liked G2's difficult History teacher AKA "Mr. Swoosh Test".  Even though I don't agree with his swoosh test tactic, he stated that he didn't care as much about the grades and wanted the students to not focus on them as much either.  He wants them to become more critical thinkers and understand the why of history not just the when (ie dates).  Unfortunately, I did NOT get a chance to ask about The Swoosh Test because we literally had eight minutes in each class with each teacher so there wasn't any time to ask questions with him because he spent so much time giving us information about why he is teaching the way he is - without just memorization of dates/places/times/etc.

I'm cooking...  Nothing yet.  However, I do need to make some snacks since G1 is having two friends after school and one (the BFF) is sleeping over tonight.  Also, I have to figure out something for dinner since BFF is a vegetarian and I don't want to do the pizza route again!

I'm planning...  Now that the Guppies are back in school, I am trying to figure out/plan a new routine for myself that incorporates the things I "need" to do (clean the house) and the things I "want" to do (write, hike, etc).  Ideas of how to get it all done are still spinning around my head and I will hopefully be able to start formulating some sort of schedule this weekend.

I'm thankful for...  So much right now!  On the top of the list is always Papa and the Guppies!  They are the light of my life, truly! I'm also thankful for the fact that my back pain has (mostly) gone away so I can go back to "being me" again!  And, I'm thankful that I had enough sense to start my handy dandy notebook (Blue's Clue's reference there) to keep track of all the money I spend - including a separate section for itemized grocery lists.  I should have started this long ago!

And, I'm off for another round of cleaning!

Happy Friday!

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