Thursday, September 1, 2016

Found Money for August: The Consignment Edition

My local consignment store starts to accept fall clothing towards the middle of August.  They begin with only "lighter" fall clothing so I took on the task of  weeding out all of our closets and going through what my parents gave us and have made a couple of trips with some of our unwanted items.

And, it was definitely a pretty good month!

In total, I made....


I am fairly sure not all my items have sold yet.  And, I have a bunch more waiting to go once the slightly cooler weather comes!

Not too shabby for things we no longer want nor could use!

I'm off to start working on September's budget!

Have a great Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. I love when you get to clean out the house and make money at the same time!!! I wish we had a better consignment store in this area to get rid of my clothes because I would take everything in my closet. The only ones that I have found were for kids. I guess I should look more and get rid of lots of stuff and make tons of money like you :)