Thursday, September 8, 2016


Let's talk freebies today!

From Vitamin World, I was given a 2oz collagen cream as a sample!  Apparently the company is trying to get into the "collagen cream business" and is tempting to hook customers!  I was impressed by how big the 2oz really is!

Last night, my BFF (aka Freebie Fairy) took me out to dinner as a belated birthday celebration.  We went to a local Italian restaurant in my town that neither of us have been to before.  It was amazing and she picked up the tab!  I told Papa that we will have to go together at some point when money is a little less tight.

And, of course, speaking of Freebie Fairy, I have received quite a few more gifties from her!  Since her total (and FINAL YAY!) split with the douchebag "boyfriend", she has been on a mission to rid her house of everything and anything he has ever given her!  So, when added to her regular clean outs, I have been receiving a good amount of stuff!
Here's the latest:

1 very nice Casio camera (G1 took it because of its compact size)
1 small Coach pouch that housed the above camera (G1 doesn't want it because she has a camera bag.  I haven't decided if I'm going to consign or keep it.  Right now, I'm leaning towards consign)
1 set of cute little silver spoons from Finland (consign)
1 red coffee mug with inspirational message (consign)
1 large aloe vera hand/body moisturizer (G1 grabbed)
1 "Cize" by Beach Body workout video package (Ebay possibly?  I have to look into this.  I have a feeling it was one of those infomercial things that she ordered.  I *may* take a quick peek at it myself BUUUT I'm not coordinated and dancing isn't my thing so I'm fairly sure I am better off selling.)

And, I *think* that's it!  Unless you count the "free" carriage someone gave me at Aldi today - which I in turn passed on to someone else!  LOL

Any good freebies come your way lately?


  1. I was gifted a music encyclopedia in mint condition from a parent who scoffed it up from a private high school purge. Score!!

    1. That is so awesome! Glad they thought of you!

  2. I got a free movie rental from family video and half price rentals for 2 weeks which I cashed in for movie night tonight-- rented for free "me before you" for me and paid 1.50 for "Angry Birds" for the kids.

    1. Nice! How was Me Before You? I heard it was a tearjerker!

  3. If you decide to list the Cize - I may know someone interested.

    BTW, I found my way here from Nathalie's blog. :)


    1. Thanks for reading Rosie! =)
      And, I do plan on listing the Cize at some point soon - first gotta figure out how to sell on Ebay since I haven't ever tried before!