Friday, September 30, 2016

Frugal Things of Late....

This is going to be a busy weekend around here.  If the weather cooperates, we are going pumpkin picking and the farmer's market tomorrow morning.   Then at  night we are heading to a local concert venue with SIX teenagers including our two!  Oh, and three of the "extras" will be spending the night at our house after the show.  And, the Guppies get Monday off....I think for a Jewish holiday.  So yeah, if my posting is sporadic for the next few days, you know why!  =)

Anyway, I thought today I would try to come up with some frugal things I have done recently....

1.  I made the roast chicken last night and didn't let it spoil in the fridge.  While it may seem like a ridiculous one to start with, it's a big one for me.  I really  didn't want to cook last night!  And, I got the chicken for a steal (68 cents/pound) which my lazy side was trying to justify not being such a great loss if it got tossed.  I'm really happy that I went through the motions and cooked last night though because Guppy 1 and Papa both thought it came out delicious and better than normal....Go figure!  LOL

2.  I was organized enough this week to send Papa to work every day with breakfast and lunch.  The first couple weeks of September I struggled with the lunch part and would just tell him to "buy something at work" at least once per week.  (hangs head in shame!)

3.  No food spoilage lately!

4.  Even though I already posted about this, it bears mentioning again.....I saved over $1500/year by getting my copay waived for my new MS medication!  You have to love some "healthy" competition among the various MS drugs out there!  Truthfully, I am guessing they all offer a "copay assistance program" of some sort. 

5.  I haven't posted about gas for September but my gas usage is (finally) going down compared to the summer months!  I have been trying to stay home more often now that the Guppies are back in school and, when I do head out, batching errands.

6.  I have been using my financial notebook all month!  This has been such a useful tool for me and one that I should have come up with a LOT sooner!  Truly, it's a no brainer.....(shaking head)

7.  Rather than making a mad dash to the grocery store because I have a bunch of teenagers coming over tomorrow, I am going to "shop" my pantry for munchies/goodies.  We will probably "splurge" and grab a pizza for them prior to the concert but, since we are coming home late, I only have to worry a little about food.  I have leftover microwavable popcorn that I can pop on the stove for them if they are hungry after the show.  And, in the morning, I have everything I already need to make them a nice large breakfast of pancakes, hash browns, and bacon.  Easy peasy!

8.  While Guppy 1's senior pictures won't be free, the location we are shooting at is!  We are so excited to be able to use this abandoned house/waterfall!

And....I think that's it?  It's still too early in the morning for me to function for some reason today!

Any good frugal successes to share?

Have a great Friday everyone!

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