Thursday, September 15, 2016

Frugal Things....

Whoa!  This morning was definitely not the best morning in my little part of the world!  Guppy 1 was tapping on the large front window of the living room to get Papa's attention (he was raiding MY car for CD's for his!  LOL) and accidentally shattered one of the approximately 8x10 panes of glass.  Oh and did I mention it happened about thirty seconds before we were due to leave for school?  Then, once in the car, Guppy 2 remembered she forgot her art project at home!  While we live extremely close to school, traffic can get really bad and there is only a small window of time (no pun intended) when it's easy to drive them.  I had to turn around so she could get her project, and, you guessed it, it took three times as long to get them to the high school!  Thankfully they made it in time but it was a stressful type of morning!

Instead of staying home, I decided to try to shake off this funk by taking to the trails!  I drove about ten minutes away from my home to Sleeping Giant State Park and went for a hike.  Besides the gas, it was free AND I started to feel better!

Which leads me to this post....

Since it is so late in the day and I could still use a boost, I'm going to list the frugal things I did this week so far for today's post....

1.  As I said above, free hike = free exercise = free stress relief

2.  I kept forgetting to buy Papa more granola at the store.  This usually runs me anywhere between $3 (a good sale) to $6-7.  A quick google search led me to an easy recipe that I tweaked to use up some of the ingredients languishing in my cabinets.  Totally tasty!  It made much more than I would have gotten in a normal bag from the grocery store AND it cost only a fraction of what I would have spent on the commercial stuff!

3.  Our main bank is about thirty minutes away from our house and, on the day I went to deposit a check, I completely forgot to pull money out of the account for G2's drum lesson.  I wasn't going to drive all the way back but I didn't want to pay the convenience charge using another bank's ATM in town.  So....when I went to Big Y the other day, I used the debit function and was able to pull money out service charge free!  Every little bit helps and $3.50 per withdrawl adds up!

4.  While walking around New Haven on Sunday afternoon, I really wanted to stop for a drink or an ice cream.  Instead, Papa and I waited until we got back home and kept the money in our pockets instead!

5.  I have been doing my best to cook at home this week...even on the days I don't want to do it!

6.  I have been keeping up with my financial notebook and tracking ALL my spending which has been enlightening to say the least.

7.  The weather has been slightly cooler here.  And, even though it gets a tad uncomfortable for a bit in the evening, I have been keeping the windows open and the a/c's off!

8.  While looking into my new MS medication a little more, I noticed on the pamphlet my neurologist gave me that they have a zero co-pay program with NO financial requirements!  When I get my "welcome" call within the next week from the new company, I will make sure to ask about this!  It would be an amazing relief to not have to incur any more medication co-pays!

9.  We are still using up all the mini shampoos/conditioners/soaps in the linen closet so no need to buy anything yet!

10.  I have been gathering more fall/winter stuff for my next consignment run.  I called the store and they suggested waiting a couple more weeks until the weather turns (and stays!) slightly cooler before bringing stuff in since their inventory isn't turning as quickly as in years past.

I *thnk* there is more but I cannot for the life of me remember anything else at this moment.

How's your Thursday going?


  1. Great frugal ways to still have fun and get things done. Sorry about the window 😡

    1. Thanks! The window is going to be a pain to fix because it's an inner pane and the whole very large outside window will need to be removed first. But, bright side is we can kill two birds with one stone because the bottom wooden casing of the outside window was getting spongey and needs to be replaced anyway. Fingers crossed that Papa can do it himself! =)

  2. Agree...great job practicing your frugal skills. And thankfully there was no injuries with the window!

    1. Absolutely glad there weren't any injuries! And G1 felt so awful about it too we couldn't get too mad. Just frustrating to happen right before we were leaving!