Thursday, September 29, 2016

Is It Friday Yet?

Both Guppies were running very late to school this morning which threw a wrench in my works.  And, then Papa called me to say he forgot his work badge and could I bring it to him?  Right away?  So, that was an hour round trip! was G1's super early day at school (Senior privilege) so it felt like I had ZERO time alone to get anything done here!

I'm having one of those days where I really don't feel like cooking dinner but....I'm still going to do it!  Unfortunately I have a whole chicken in my fridge that I need to roast (close to the expiration date and no room in the freezer) so I am trudging through making a big-ish dinner.  BUT I am super grateful to my financial notebook since before this month I might have just decided on take out and considered the chicken a "loss".  (Bad, bad TrayceeBee I know!)


On a positive note, things with the Tecfidera are going fairly smoothly.  I had flushing issues a few hours after the first dose and then some flushing issues after the second dose.  But, nothing I can't handle so far.  I double the dose after seven days so time will tell

And, another positive thing...I spoke to the company that owns the abandoned building where G1 wants her senior pictures taken and they okayed us being on the property!  G1 is incredibly excited about it and, truthfully, I am too!  The weather is going to be pretty iffy here over the course of the next few days but we have next Wednesday tentatively scheduled for the photo shoot since the weather is *supposed* to be sunny that day.

I think I am going to be searching Kindle for free productivity books tonight  to see if I can glean any good information or at the very least get motivated a bit!  I have to find some sort of rhythm to the weekdays!

I don't want to get stuck in a rut here!

Happy (almost) Friday!

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