Friday, September 2, 2016

My New High Tech Best Friend...

Yup, a good old fashioned three subject notebook!

For the most part, I am an old fashioned notebook/pen and paper kind of girl.  While I enjoy writing on the computer (because it's faster and easier to correct mistakes), virtually everything else I do is written down.

So, rather than fighting my natural inclination and try yet another spreadsheet or app that probably won't work for me, I decided to try to create my own system.  (One that I bet almost all of you already implement in one way or another but hey, I'm low on the learning curve! haha!)

The first section of my notebook is strictly to keep track of how much money goes out for the entire month.  September is one page split into two sections with the corresponding number of days on it.  This is a quick reference/snapshot for me.  Plus I hope it will motivate me to have more zero spending days since, any day that I don't spend anything will get a zero place holder!

The second section is for more details.  So, let's say on the 15th I spend $950 on bills.  This section I can place the date and write down specifically what the money was spent on and how much each bill or item cost.

The last section I am allocating for grocery details.  I plan on using it as a preliminary price book until I start to get a hang of how I want my actual price book to work in the future.

Oh and the one "techie" thing I do plan on doing is following Ms. Sandie (and a few other bloggers) lead and have one post for the month of grocery expenditures - which I will update each time I go shopping.

Since this notebook is rather large, I needed a way to keep track of any "on the go" spending that may happen.  I will do my best to keep receipts (especially if any are grocery related) but I have a track record of losing these.  So, I will write down any expenditures in my little "to go" calendar that I always have with me.  This way (hopefully) nothing will fall through the cracks.

Besides spending money on the Guppies, we aren't spendy kind of people.  BUT, I do hope that after doing this for a month or two, I can find the leaks in our budget and adjust it.

So, I am curious, how many of you do something similar to this?  And are you more techie or old fashioned pen and paper people?

Happy Friday!


  1. When we first started we did it both ways. I did it on paper and my husband did it on the computer. It took me a while but now we just do it on the computer. As long as you are keeping track is what matters. Good luck.

  2. I've had the same system for 20 years, when I got my first job. I have a spreadsheet with a cash flow tracker, where I list my checking balance, all outstanding expenses/checks, and then a projection of upcoming expenses. I have separate tabs for savings, and budget expenses. I track everything we spend, but tend to input the receipts daily or weekly. We rarely spend during the week, so it's mostly just a weekend activity.

  3. While it's only a few days in, I think I am liking the paper method for me. I had some time to think yesterday while riding in the car and have come up with some useful ways (using highlighters) to help with the leaks even more. No rocket science here obviously but I need to figure out how to stop the leaks and get my budget on track! =)