Monday, September 12, 2016

Seeing The Leaks!

So, I used to be "that" person....You know the one I am talking about....

The one who *thought* she didn't need to keep track of every dollar she spent

The one who *thought* she had a decent handle on where the money went every month

The one who *thought* there wasn't any more wiggle room in the budget....

Yup, that was me!

Until 12 days ago when I grabbed a notebook and started keeping track of every single thing we bought every single day!

And, right now it feels like more of money gushing out rather than money leaking out of our hands!


September is usually a "spendy" kind of month anyway with school supplies, clothes for the Guppies, purchasing wood for the fireplace, etc.  THIS year feels even more since I had to pay for events early (1 October concert, 1 late November concert).  Plus the Guppies asked to do Nautical Nightmares this year - we haven't done it since G2 (now 14) was maybe six or seven years old - I'll be purchasing those tickets next week most likely.

And, honestly, all these things are good that we will remember forever.


Seeing the outlay in the notebook is tough!

And, that ends up being a good thing for me because, after seeing it written down, I want to find ways to save more.  I'm not calculating things solely in my head and then blowing it off like I honestly used to do.

For example, it bugs me that I have had only THREE measly days of zero spending so far this month!  That sucks so I am challenging myself to have at least three days this week with no spending at all.

I'm also noticing just how many times per week I am going to the grocery store!  I need better organization (obviously) because the more I end up at the store, the better chance I will buy things on impulse, right?

I'm a work very early in progress here - that's for sure!

But, I did have a "win" for myself yesterday...

Papa and I dropped G1 and her BFF down at the New Haven green to meet G1's favorite local YouTuber (free event by the way).  Papa and I had time to kill while the girls did "their thing" so, instead of stopping at a restaurant to grab drinks or an appetizer, we walked around Yale University admiring the buildings and catching Pokémon.  Two hours in, I really wanted something to drink or, better yet, some ice cream!  But, upon thinking of my notebook, we decided to forgo and wait until we got home - another hour after that I might add! LOL

I have to say, it's so much easier to see that the little things DO and WILL add up when you have your "bigger picture" written down!

Happy Monday!


  1. That is awesome! I used to write down all of my spending plus daily frugal wins/fails every single day. I even messaged it to my aunt and sister to keep me accountable. I think they got sick of it 😄, so I stopped. And guess what has happened to my spending. That's right, I now have those leaks in my budget as well.

    1. It makes such a total difference keeping this notebook! Completely worth the time and effort!

  2. I have a spreadsheet of all of our spending but it doesn't break down each time a penny goes out of our pocket. I keep the notebook with the grocery spending which is most of the pennies that go out but I have been thinking about make a eating out page (currently tracked on my meal plan calendar) and other spending like school supplies, clothes or other items. It is a like a spending diet because I know it worked when I was on a diet...didn't want to put it in your mouth if you knew you had to write it down and show someone else what you spent the money on.

    1. Exactly! Plus, I can see where I am really "nickel and dime"-ing us to death!

  3. As you said, September is an expensive month for a lot of parents. One of my clients actually compared it to Christmas time. What I've done is I now have a plan or where I document all these unusual expenses that only come at certain times of the year. And example furnace cleaning yearly expense, taxes, water bill is quarterly for us. Sue were used bill which a lot of states don't have. Plan for them even divide up their fees monthly and bank that 12th of the bill so that when the bill comes you can withdraw the funds and it doesn't hurt as much because you budgeted for it .