Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The 'Swooosh" Test

Today I have a story you probably aren't going to believe.  Hey, I hardly believe it and yet it is happening to my youngest daughter, Guppy 2.

Last Thursday, G2 asked me to grab some more school papers of which I needed to sign off.  I pulled a paper out for her freshman AP World History class and was shocked!

First, quick backstory if anyone is new to this blog in the past few weeks....The public high school teachers here are a little nuts.  Each one has their own requirements for class supplies which need to be followed specifically since students are given a grade equivalent to a test score for "compliance" to the list.

Okay back to World History....In front of me was the "test" for supply compliance with different categories and lines for earned compliance points. (Correct sized binder, correct number of dividers, etc)  Then I saw a line called "The Swoosh Test"....Totally NOT making this up! 

So, you know I had to ask G2 what the heck THAT was all about!

Well, get this....

The teacher wants every single thing he gives students three hole punched (by the students) and put in the binder.  He said students couldn't use the little folder areas of binder covers to hold anything either.  What he does is takes each student's binder to the front of the classroom, holds it by its spine so the opening is facing downward, and shakes to see if anything falls out.  (The Swooosh part)  The student will then receive a certain number of points depending on what, if anything, falls to the floor.

Okay, is it just me or is this one of the most INSANE things you have heard for teacher requirements? 

This coming Thursday is the high school open house where we get to follow our children's schedules and meet the teachers....

You KNOW Papa and I cannot wait to see what this guy is like!


  1. Okay, don't kill me, but I kind of get it. I homeschool and it drives me bonkers when random papers go sliding out of their notebooks. Multiply that by 30 kids in a class times 4 to 7 classes a day and I'd lose my mind. 😲

    1. Don't worry...I respect your opinion! No killing happening here! LOL
      Maybe I don't understand because I'm not a teacher. I am thinking more about it from the student's side I guess. It would be mortifying to have stuff fall out all over the place in front of the whole class! Maybe he thinks that will be extra motivation for students to do it like he wants? But, G2 said that he did it already to one kid and stuff fell everywhere.
      It still feels a little over the top when we are talking high school students IMO.

    2. I find this a little extreme. Of course it's been a long time since I had kids in school. I once had a high school teacher who wrote, "I am a Nazi" on the black board then said there is nothing you can do about it or tell your parents about it because they won't believe you. I also had a teacher who passed all the jocks with A's and they barely bothered to show up let alone do the work. There are good and bad in all professions but really it seems like this guy is on a power trip and to "shame" kids in front of the class is not acceptable to me. I was such a shy kid that this would have broken me at that time in my life. (not anymore, lol)
      Just my perspective. Take care.

    3. Wow! He actually wrote that on the blackboard?!?!
      And, unfortunately I think jocks getting that kind of treatment is an age old issue. I know that at the Guppies high school the "jocks" are treated with far more leniency.
      Anyway, I think my thoughts with G2's teacher immediately went to the shy kids as well. It's hard enough being freshmen.

  2. By hats a great question for the open house...in front of other parents. "Could you please explain the swoosh test and how much it counts toward the grade for the term". Maybe others aren't aware that this is a questionable teaching practice. It's no different that having students correct each other's tests therefore seeing each others grades....can have very bad psychological effects on kids with learning disabilites

    1. Since we have two at the high school, we have to divide and conquer. However, with G1 having less classes since she is a senior, our hope is to BOTH go meet this teacher. And, yes, I do want to ask this question if he doesn't explain himself first. I don't want to be labeled as "that helicopter parent" but I agree that all the parents should be aware. I'll let you know how it goes.