Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Thoughts on September Food

It has definitely been a weird month, grocery wise, around here! 

(I will still be putting out the fully detailed grocery post at the end of the month but wanted to talk a little about what has been happening.)

Thanks to my new habit of writing everything I spend down in my new financial notebook I am seeing a really interesting trend.....

I have gone to at least one grocery store NINE days this month so far!  YIKES! 

Since my first shopping trip on the 4th, I have gone at least every other day to buy more groceries!  Now, I'm not spending a ton each and every trip but still...

I just added up what I have spent so far this month and (thankfully) it's not that crazy compared to what I have spent in previous months.  Right now, I have spent:

Now, way back in the beginning of the year, I had originally wanted my grocery budget at or under $580 per month.   This month I should be able to hit this old target or at the very least come darn close to it.

Here's the other interesting thing though....

Also, thanks to my notebook, I am now tracking our eating out expenses.  Now, even though I didn't officially track this in past months, I am 100% positive that this month's expenses have been drastically less!  Right now, I have spent:
on take out/fast food.  (I am excluding our day trip to Vermont at the beginning of the month and focusing just on what I would normally spend being home on this.)

So,  I am wondering if more frequent trips is working better for me since I have begun to plug the eating out leak....

Or is this more because I am using my notebook and writing everything down?

Maybe a combination of both?

What do you think?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Are you shopping frequently because you are changing your menu, buying fresh ingredients, picking up quick sale items? It's hard to say without knowing why you are going so often. In my case when that happens, it's because I've changed my mind about a meal, or I didn't meal plan effectively. That's rarely a good thing, as whatever I had planned for the original menu doesn't get eaten, and/or I wasted my own time by not making a complete shopping list based on the meal plan.

    1. After taken a quick look back at my purchases, I can see that I am running out of things much more quickly than I predicted - so that's an error with my organization process. Since recording my menu after the fact (and having a lose idea of what I am making before the week), I haven't been changing my mind all that often. The only time I picked up a protein for the same day's dinner was the other day when I wanted to roast a chicken and knew there weren't any left in the freezer. I really am going to have to analyze my shopping trips further to see where/how I can improve.

  2. I find that I do go to stores more often especially now that I'm only doing loss leader sales

    1. Definitely NOT that organized to be running in for loss leaders at the moment! haha