Friday, September 23, 2016

Time Equals Money Saved!

Right after lunch yesterday I received a phone call from the specialty pharmacy handling my new MS medication.  All the paperwork was in and insurance approved the new meds!  (Yay!)


Insurance was leaving me with a copay of:
$120 for the "starter pack"
$120 per month!


Since I knew that Biogen (the company that manufactures my new med) offers a $0 Copay program, I told the pharmacy to hold up on setting up my delivery and called Biogen back.  It took 28 minutes of my time but I was approved!  No out of pocket expenses for me (same as when I was on my injectables with another manufacturer)!

$1560 (savings for the year) is a damn good rate of return for such a small amount of time!

My Tecfidera arrives next Tuesday so my new medication adventure starts early Wednesday morning.


  1. Whew! Good for you for picking up the phone! That saved you a big chunk of change.

    1. Right? There was NO WAY I could/would afford that much per month so I'm glad that the company has the zero copay plan in place!