Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekend Miscellany Time

Here's what been going on this weekend in my little world!

The trip to the Farmer's Market yesterday was gorgeous!  We finally had a preview of fall weather and it made me a very happy camper!  Plus, it was unusually empty...parking was easy and there were only two dozen or so people there.  Anyway, I spent $26 on the following:

2 bottles of whole milk
1 bottle of heavy cream
1 peach yogurt
1 blueberry yogurt
1 bunch of kale
1 bunch of red beets with greens attached

G2 opted to stay home yesterday afternoon since she had a TON of homework - including a 26 page French 2 packet that was given to her on Friday to be completed by Monday! - and she wanted to get it done since she had a birthday party to attend last night.  Papa went back to the hospital to visit his brother for awhile. 

So, that left G1, her BFF, and I to doing some more adventuring!  Here are a few highlights....

We went to a place in Waterbury called Holy Land USA.  It's been shut down for quite some time now but used to be an "amusement park" of sorts for those of Christian faith.  Through mini stone and wood replicas, visitors can follow Jesus' path to the cross and resurrection (although many of the pathways are overgrown now and things are crumbling).  Also, most notably, if you have ever driven on I84 near Waterbury, you can see a very large cross on top of a mountain...this is at Holy Land.

close up view of the large cross

crumbling structures from the beginning of the park's pathway

Another view of the hillside with all the replicas

End of part of the pathway towards the top of the mountain

While I am not the most religious person in the world, I have to admit, going to an abandoned place having to do with Christianity definitely upped the weirdness.  It was extremely creepy but also very peaceful in a way too.  All in all, it was worth a few hours of our time on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

And now it's Sunday and this is what I really want to be doing!

But, instead of just sleeping the day away, I am going to attempt to be at least slightly productive to help start next week off more smoothly (hopefully).
Here's a little of what I want to accomplish today:
Clearing out the family room so Papa can steam clean the carpets this evening
Getting a loose idea of meals for the week
Updating my calendars/planner
Catching up on blogs
Sweep the downstairs
Clean the dining room corner where I keep my "desk" supplies where everything is spilling out of my laptop case and onto the floor!!!  (I use the dining room during the day as my workspace)
Make a nice Sunday dinner
Possibly some baking

G2 was going to go to the Durham fair today but she and her friends are "too tired" and "don't feel like dealing with the crowds".  So, they are all staying in their PJ's and heading over to someone's house (not yet determined) and watch movies today.  I already warned it would NOT be this house today!  LOL

That's basically my weekend in a nutshell!  Anything exciting going on in your world?

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