Thursday, September 22, 2016


When you count your chickens before the hatch....

Sometimes all you wind up with is....

Scrambled Eggs!!!!

Lucky me!  Today I get to spend trying to figure out how to finish paying all the bills for the month since Papa STILL hasn't received his reimbursement check for the business trip he took way back in August!  The check has been "pending" in the system for more than two weeks so I thought for sure he would get it this pay period....


Considering he is owed something like 2K, this is a significant set back!

I'll figure it out but wow what a pain in the butt!

Hope your Thursday morning is going better than mine right now! 


  1. I imagine if he is like my DH he won't inquire about it either. :(

    1. Yeah, you guessed it! But, I *think* he's going to mention it to payroll sooner than later...if no other reason than to get me to stop asking about it! haha!