Thursday, October 20, 2016

About That Drycleaning....

See the picture of that cute little stinker?

That's the reason I'll be washing and ironing Papa's shirts at home a little longer!

A couple of days ago Guppy 1 noticed that her ferret, Rum, wasn't eating much.  This progressed to refusing to eat any kibble at all and my subsequent spoon feeding the rascal Gerber baby food (Turkey to be exact) every couple of hours.  On the plus side, I got to relive the glory days of wearing baby food on my clothes! (haha!)

Yesterday I called the vet to get their thoughts and....

I brought the ferret in today at 10:30 for a quick check up to be sure all was well and there wasn't any physical reason for the refusal to eat.

So, the good news is that Rum is fine....just being a finicky ferret!  I guess it's common for ferrets to stop "liking" the brand of ferret food I used.  Imagine that? 

Here's the real plot twist....

Rum isn't the little boy we thought he was...

He is a SHE!

I guess that explains why SHE is so tiny!  Haha!

Anyway, the new food was purchased and Rum seems very interested in what I was putting in her bowl!  I am hopeful that spoon feeding her the baby food (which by the way the vet referred to as "ferret crack") is over and she will like the new stuff! 

But, at least we know she is healthy and just being picky.

The whole endeavor (including the baby food & new ferret food) ended up costing us right under $90....

That equals a whole lot of ironing for me, doesn't it?

That's okay though.  I'll gladly do it for the peace of mind of knowing that our cute littlest furball is okay!

What's a few more months of ironing after doing it for over 20 years after all?


Happy Thursday!


  1. When my son was 13 he wanted a ferret. I challenged him to save the $ to get one along with cage and supplies and vet $. Thinking we'd never have one. I underestimated my youngest. By the end of summer he had done enough jobs for people and had more than enough money. We had Randall for many years. He was wild and crazy with the boys and gentle with me. The hardest part was clipping nails. That usually took 3 people. Once he got so sick and just layed in his hammock for over 24 hours not eating or drinking. We took him to the vet and he had to have IV fluids for dehydration. The vet called us every few hours to up date us over the weekend and I was very worried we'd have a large bill. When we picked him up the vet who owned the place - and older gentleman who had a heart for strays - animals and kids a like charged us a very low amount. He was the best vet ever for all our animals and so sad to see him retire in his 80's. He hired highschool kids to work in his practice and usually they were out cast kids like one kid who had been burned on one side of his body. If they showed any ability with animals he helped them get through school to be a vet or an assistant. My dogs loved him and his staff. Even my grumpy weiner dog. Sorry for the long trip down memory lane. Enjoy you ferret - I know we laughed so much at what ours could get in to.
    Take care.

    1. What an awesome vet! And just a kind hearted man all around. Too bad there aren't more people like him in this world! Sometimes all kids really need is a break and someone to believe in them.

      We had a wonderful vet (twenty years ago with my first ferret) and I was heartbroken when he retired. The practice I use for Rum now is wonderful - they see all animals but specialize in exotics - and it was really very reassuring to hear that a lot of ferrets rebel against this food at her age.

      Good for your son for saving the money! G1 bought the ferret and cage herself too! I told her we would pay for food/supplies and the vet visits because, truthfully, I wanted to have a ferret again too!

      In the end, I am happy with the cost of this little blip in the road. And I love that the vet didn't try to bilk me for unnecessary things like bloodwork and ultrasounds. Straight forward but thorough exam (and I had them clip her nails while I was there) was $60. The rest of the money went to the baby food and a four pound bag of new food.

  2. Ooops... sorry for all the typos. I usually proof read before sending. Foggy brain today.