Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Am I Just Getting Old & Crotchety?

warning: this is a bit of a rant!

Or maybe hypersensitive?

Or maybe this is just plain wrong!?!?

On Monday, Guppy 1 came home from school pretty disgusted.  Apparently, the seniors were given a Class Superlatives form to fill out for yearbook and it was all anyone could talk about!  G1 said her journalism teacher even gave up trying to teach class because of it!

Here's the thing...

I get that it can be exciting and fun to fill out...

Best Smile
Class Couple
Most Likely to Succeed
Class Clown

But, do any of you remember classmates campaigning for one?

And campaigning for titles such as:

Best Car
Worst Car
Most Gorgeous?
Best Body?

Yup, those last two threw me over the edge!  Well, that and the fact that there were girls going around trying to get people to write them down for those!

G1 decided not to fill hers out and threw it in the trash but boy I would love to have seen what else was on there!

At first I was wondering if maybe G1 misunderstood and it didn't actually say "Best Body".  However, G2 and her boyfriend got out of school and were talking about it as well since the boyfriend has a sister who is a senior too!

Maybe I am being hypersensitive because of the treatment G1 has always received from the school system/certain teachers because she is "well endowed" - because yes, it still pisses me off that we were told in SEVENTH GRADE that G1 had a different set of rules because she was thin and had a big chest! Or because there are hall monitors that help "troll" the hallways to look for dress code infractions (no spaghetti straps allowed! where do those shorts end?).   Or maybe it's just a horrible idea to be objectifying either sex with a "Best Body" title!  Or maybe it leaves the opportunity for some seniors to be cruel (as G1 overheard) and write in  an "ugly girl" for Most Gorgeous? And what about that kid who had to work really hard to buy that "worst car"?  Not every single family that lives in this rich town of mine has enough money to buy their kids brand new Jeeps/BMWs/Audis - although there are a LOT of those kinds of cars in the student parking lot!

The whole thing sounds completely pathetic to me and really sending these young adults wrong signals....

Then again, maybe I truly am just being old and crotchety...

But who would want to admit that? 


  1. My granddaughter is 17 and a senior. The school sent home a note that no yearbook/senior pictures of girls could show anything but the neck up. No boob- they actually said that! Boys had no such "rules" they could have full body poses. My granddaughter is well endowed also and as my daughter in law says - she keeps them covered and brings them to school every day so what is this crap. What kind of a message are they sending these kids?

    Needless to say my daughter in law was very upset. I think the parents need to ban together in these situations and tell them that this isn't okay and people could be hurt. This has the potential to be very cruel at a time in a young persons life. Heck, even if it was for older people it's just plain stupid and cruel. Just my thoughts. Take care.

    1. Thanks Crystal! It's horrible enough to have certain girls called out on clothing choices but then to have administration pull this double standard of actually allowing "best body" for yearbook? Insane! I have been utterly disappointed in the town I struggle to live in. They are consistently in the top ten for their education system but I find that so misleading because the school system is lacking in so many other areas.....

  2. Oh my, TrayceeBee. I don't think you are being crotchety or hypersensitive at all. I think that is just awful that those "forms" are even allowed to be passed out to the students. I can't help but wonder if they were approved by the principal before being distributed. It is very disturbing to think that everything you try to teach your children about personal acceptance and acceptance of others can be destroyed in the blink of an eye by a few careless, thoughtless and insensitive words.
    I will say this, I am so proud of your daughter for throwing the paper away! The fact that she did that speaks volumes about her character, her morals/principles and her maturity level. You have a lot to be proud of Miss TrayceeBee! ;)

    1. Hi Dawn! I AM very proud of G1 for throwing it out! (Although you know I would love have seen the actual paper and ALL the categories!) I have to assume it was "okayed" by school administration since the answers are being compiled to go into the Senior Yearbook! That's the part that threw me over the edge.
      I can't even begin to go through all the awful things that have been done to G1 from seventh grade until now because of her body shape! Even after we brought it to the school's attention that G1 was suffering from anorexia beginning in 7th, they STILL picked on her - one time keeping her in a closet sized office in 8th grade because of the holes in her jeans -knees/lower leg area which was in style at the time. When I brought her another pair of jeans we were told she was kept away from the rest of the student body because her clothing choices were a bad influence on the rest of the kids! So these Superlative Categories are even more offensive to me because of this!
      We tell G1 that she is a stronger person for persevering through and has a lot of experiences to draw on creatively. I am beyond proud (and thankful!) that she has recovered from the anorexia since at one point she was less than a pound away from hospitalization! But, I give all the recovery credit to G1 because this school system didn't help one little bit!
      Anyway, sorry for the extra rant! ;)
      Thanks for the support!