Thursday, October 6, 2016

Daybook for Thursday October 6th....

Today I am.....  In a bit of a funk.  I'm not sure if it's just the "let down" of all the adrenaline over the last few days, if I am getting sick, or if my new MS medication is to blame.  But, I am definitely not feeling like myself  - physically especially.

I am wearing....  Black jeans, black long sleeved shirt, and black Keds.  I wanted to stay in my PJ's all  day but had to bring Guppy 2 to her orthodontist visit.

Outside my window....  The high school track team just ran by my house since we are on their loop every day.  Quite a few walkers out as well since it's a sunny warm day.

I'm creating....  Nothing at the moment.  I need to get my September grocery numbers in order but today doesn't look like the day it's going to happen.  I also have an idea for a short story submission but need to write down the notes for it so I guess we can say that's what I'm creating!  =)

I'm hearing....  The washing machine and dryer doing their thing...I have been backed up in the laundry department!  Also, I hear the dog snoring on the couch, the oven fan, and Guppy 2 rifling through her backpack to look for tonight's homework.

I'm thankful for....  Guppy 1's photo shoot going so well yesterday!  She had such a great time doing it and the photographers were very excited about the location we chose.  I can't wait to see the online gallery!  I think it's going to be hard to decide on just one picture for the yearbook!  And I don't know how we are going to pick just one for us either! 

I'm hoping....  That everyone in the path of Hurricane Matthew stays safe and sound!  It seems this storm is a doozy!  Also, I'm hoping that my body is still tolerating the Tecfidera well enough to continue because going back to injections isn't an option I want to pursue ever again!

I'm thinking....  I need to start making dinner soon and try my best to get a few things done around here.  A list may be in order to keep me motivated/organized.

I'm angry.....  Papa's reimbursement check still  hasn't been deposited in our account!  The expense report was approved at the end of August so there's no excuse as to why we still haven't gotten the money back! Papa has been trying to check into it but there isn't a phone number for payroll (say what?!) and he received no response to the fax he sent last week regarding it.  So, today he's taking it up to his boss....who it seems everyone is in awe or afraid of.  Let's hope that this helps payroll get this over 2K check out of "pending" status in the system and into our pockets!

I'm reading....  Nothing much at the moment besides blogs.  I started another free Kindle book on procrastination but it's horrid.  It's another one of those books that is just so bad that I can't tell if English is the author's first language or it was such a rush job that they didn't bother editing it!

From my garden....  I harvested the last of the cherry tomatoes from the almost dead plants.  There are a few more green stragglers but I'm not sure they are going to turn.  The habanero plants are still flourishing and I should be picking quite a few more by this weekend!  Sadly, my eggplants were definitely planted a little too late.  I do have one eggplant growing but it's only about two inches long.  I am going to leave it as long as I can to see if it will get any bigger but I'm doubtful.

And....I guess that's it here right now!

Anything good going on in your world?


  1. I have been headachey, dizzy and off balance. I figure it's allergies. Could be bothering you too?

    1. That's my hope! Everyone in the house has a cold and/or feels sort of blah so maybe that's it for me too! Bad timing with the start of my new medication!