Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Errands Day!

In anticipation of a cold rainy day tomorrow (and the whopper of a cold I feel coming on), I decided today would be "errand day"!

Of course, I ended up not doing that many errands this morning after all.....

I stopped at the library and grabbed a huge stack of magazines to read plus two books - one of which being Tightwad Gazette II.

Then I went to Stop & Shop to grab a few odds & ends....I never did get September's grocery post up but I should be all set with October (fingers crossed).

After Guppy 2 gets home from school, I am going to ask her to please go to the mall with me to grab boots/shoes!  She desperately needs them as she only has one pair of black tennis style sneakers that still fit her!  We were supposed to go yesterday but she had drum lessons and then way to much homework.  Today has to be the day!  While at the mall, I also have to pick up more of Guppy 1's red shampoo from Ulta since this stuff really prolongs the time between the salon trips! (She has very long hair so to dye it -no cut- is usually around $160 including tip.)

While out later today with G2, I'll also gas up the car since I am around 1/8 of a tank.

I am really hoping to be able to just "chill out" and do stuff around the house tomorrow and Friday....If the Guppies aren't doing anything tomorrow night I want to carve our pumpkins....It will be semi bittersweet because it *may* be the last time we do it with Guppy 1 (sniff sniff).  Sometimes I wish they stayed little for a while longer.

Anyway, sorry for the boring post again! Nothing much exciting going on right now!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Last thanksgiving my DD and her friends came over to do ugly sweater kits. And now she and her friends do pumpkin carving together at their own place. Less mess and I still get pics.

  2. Love the ugly sweater idea! Guppy 2 has already asked if she and her friends can do "Friendsgiving" here again this year...and I was crazy enough to say yes! LOL
    Pumpkin carving didn't happen last has been put off until Sunday afternoon! Nothing like cutting it close to the actual day!