Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I cannot wait until this is me tomorrow night!

I have been running around like crazy since Saturday and it's catching up with me big time!

The concert on Saturday night was a LOT of fun!  All the kids had a great time but we were up very late.   One of Guppy 2's best friends and boyfriend (obviously) couldn't sleep over but they ended up hanging out at our house until about 1am.  So I don't think I went to bed until after 2am!  (Crazy late for me!)

I wrote about Sunday's mall excursions in my last post so no need to relive that again!  =)

Yesterday was another full day at malls...hunting for clothes for  G1!  Could she have worn something she already has?  Probably not since all she has at the moment is summer clothing.

Finally in the afternoon we had success at the mall I have been avoiding (Westfarms in West Hartford) because we never have had good luck there in the past....Go figure! G1 ended up picking a gorgeous off the shoulder sweater for the part of the photo shoot that will be submitted to the yearbook.  My eyes literally teared up when she came out of the dressing room with it on....mostly out of relief!  LOL


Once last trip to a mall is in order for ME this morning....

G1 found a dress she loved at Windsor and it's exactly what she imagined wearing but there was only one in her size and it was DISGUSTING!  As in stains all over it!  And, since these dresses are non-refundable/returnable, I wasn't going to buy it and try to get the stain out!  She had seen this dress earlier in our shopping excursions and no other dress measured up.  Finally last night out of desperation, we went back to the store which had "the" dress.  They called it up on their computer and found that another Windsor had said dress in the correct size (and is perfect condition...I was there when the woman asked!).  Unfortunately it's at the Buckland Hills Mall....a good fifty to sixty minutes away from my house.

Am I crazy for doing this?  Probably. Does she actually need a dress for the shoot too?  No, she doesn't.  But, here's the thing...

Guppy 1 didn't go to her Junior prom last year.  She didn't get a chance to do the whole dress up thing.  So, I am giving in and making her happy.  She has a vision that I want to help her achieve within reason.  And, honestly, this house is getting renovated very soon and this is mostly likely the only chance she will have at this, her favorite, location.

Thank God she already has a pair of shoes that will go with the dress!

Once I'm done at the mall I have to piece back together this house!  Truly, if I don't stay on top of it every single day it turns into a disaster!  I *may* have gotten a tad cranky with my family this morning before they left for work/school....Seriously though, help a mom out?!?!?  Haha!

Anyway, better try to get a few things accomplished here before I head out!

Have a nice Tuesday!