Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall Checklist

I have been absolutely horrible with time management - especially since the new school year started!  Time just slips by so quickly!

Anyway, here's a list of the things that need to be accomplished soon this fall!

Fall Checklist

1.  All window A/C's out!  (got two out last night but have one more to go!)
2.  Take down trampoline & store for winter  (we do this every fall to help it last longer)
3.  New air filter for furnace
4.  Replace two small panes of glass in inner windows (one in dining room, one in living room)
5.  Chimney cleaned
6.  Order at least one cord of wood
7.  Order replacement parts needed for garage door opener (Papa needs to store his car in the garage when it snows)
8.  Papa to fix garage door once parts arrive
9.  Finish switching summer/fall clothes now that summer appears to have left for good
10.  Purchase new boots for G2 & me
11.  Finish pulling up garden/rake leaves over garden beds
12.  Have furnace serviced
13.  Buy protective plastic for bedroom windows (the Guppies both have particularly cold rooms)

I feel like I'm forgetting things - what else is new? haha! - but this is at least a good start for my very late list!

I was MIA yesterday because Guppy 1 and I went on another one of our adventures! I'm hoping to upload some of my pictures at some point soon to social media and maybe share a few here too.   Yesterday's place was the inspiration for the story Dirty Dancing!  It was, by far, the largest and most interesting place we have checked out thus far.  I think I may be getting hooked on this whole urban exploration thing!  =)

Hope you are all having a great Monday!


  1. I cannot wait to see the photos. I always love your adventures

    1. Thanks! It's kind of a pain in the neck to go through and upload the ones I want to use since I didn't use my phone's camera this time. It was such an awesome place though! I'll definitely share some as soon as I can!