Saturday, October 29, 2016

Farm Market Finds & Busy Saturday!

Back at the Farmer's Market early this morning because it's going to be a very long and very busy day!
Here are our goodies from this week!

Total Spent:  $31*
includes small donation made to one vendor collecting $$$ for Haiti

1 pint cherry yogurt
` 1 pint peach yogurt
(Sadly no milk as their processing for "fluid" milk was down)
1 bunch carrots including fronds
1 small bag of spicy salad mix
1 pint butternut squash soup
1 pint curry pumpkin soup
1 bunch yellow beets
1 bunch red beets

Pretty decent haul so we were happy.

Whew! Today is going to be a busy day!  (And I'm still trying to ignore this cold coming on.)  After I am done typing this, I am off with Guppy 2 and a few of her friends over to a local store to grab some high school football shirts because they are heading to a Halloween party tonight as "super fans". 

After that, it's back home to straighten up a bit before Guppy 1's friend comes over for a sleep over - thankfully I've been keeping up with the house for the most part.  But, I have to give the ferret cage its once a week thorough cleaning - not just the daily spot cleaning I normally do.

After that it's off to the dry cleaners to pick up dry cleaning and then the grocery store for the last trip in October's budget!  I didn't do *too* badly this month but let's see how today goes.  Haha

Tonight, I plan on just letting G1 and her friend order a pizza and have it delivered for dinner.  I'm not sure what Papa and I are planning on doing yet but we need to head over to my hometown because my brother and his wife are moving back here from Maine.  He had some friends lined up to help him unload the UHaul truck once he got to the house he's renting but almost all of them bagged out at the last minute.  So, he called us to see if we could help.  Not my ideal Saturday night but I also don't want to leave him in a lurch.

Of course, while I'm doing all this, Papa isn't getting a free pass.  He has to visit his brother at the physical rehab facility - long and messy story I can't even get into at the moment, then come back home and clean out/organize the garage so his car can fit easily (and be hidden for mischief night), and finally heading to my brother's new place.

I'm tired just typing it all out!  LOL

I'm hoping to sleep in a little tomorrow...I think I am going to need it!

Sorry for the rambling today!  =)

Hope you all are having an awesome Saturday!!!

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