Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween, Cracked Tooth, Voices, & Abandoned Pictures

Hope you all have a great Halloween!  It will be a quiet one for us - with no light on as I posted earlier last week.  Guppy 2 will be heading over to the other side of town with a gaggle of friends to go trick or treating there.  I suspect this will be her last year for this so I hope she has a great time!  She has decided on the theme of her costume (person from the movie "The Purge") but that's it.  After many failed attempts to get her to a Halloween store and figure this out, I have decided to let it go.  She can figure it out at this point.  Guppy 1 has decided against going to a party she was invited to since the host (boy) has a crush on her and she doesn't want him to get the wrong impression.  Plus her best friend was invited to this party as she had been in the past so G1 finds the whole thing sort of "sketchy". 

Saturday afternoon, while having a snack, I cracked part of one of my molars....I think.  Because it didn't hurt like I expected it would, I wonder if it is just part of a filling (all of my fillings were redone from the silver/mercury kind a few years ago).  No matter what it is, there is a huge area missing!  Tomorrow I bring the Guppies over to our new dentist for a teeth cleaning so I guess I will bite the bullet and make an appointment to see what is going on.  Even though it doesn't hurt right now, I don't want to invite any trouble into the open crevice!

I debated whether or not to put this part into my post but figured why not? Please feel free to skip this section if you don't want to hear a ghost story.  And, if you do read, don't think I'm crazy!  haha!
I'm not someone who immediately thinks a place is haunted.  I need a LOT of proof before I will even entertain the idea that something "otherworldly" is up.  However....
Strange things happen in my house. Some of my friends think it's because I live across the street from the cemetery.  I'm not sure I buy into that.  Anyway, there will be footsteps when no one else is home, things go disappearing and then reappear in the strangest places, I hear voices in the house when I'm the only one here, G1 has seen a shadow figure before, this sort of thing.  It's not a constant thing.  In fact there isn't any rhyme nor reason as to when it happens.  So I truly believe what's happened in the past few days isn't linked to "Halloween" or anything like that.
So what's happened?
Last Thursday night, G1 woke up to use the bathroom.  G2 was asleep in her room.  Papa & I were asleep in ours.  G1 heard a girl laughing downstairs and thought Papa was awake and watching tv.  Then she heard Papa snoring in our room!  She stood on the upstairs landing, trying to figure out what she was hearing and then heard a little girl call "Mommy" from the bottom of the stairs!  Completely freaked her out!
Fast forward to Sunday morning....
Guppy 2 is asleep in her room.  Guppy 1 and her friend are crashed downstairs in the family room asleep.  I was awoken by a very loud deep whisper in my room!  I couldn't make out what it said but there was some sort of word in it!  Papa didn't say anything about it so I shook it off.  Later last night, while we were running an errand by ourselves, he admitted that he heard the whisper too!  It woke him up as well and he said it started on his side of the bed and sounded like it went over us to my side!  And, Papa is super skeptical about all this - even after he has experienced stuff moving on him too.  Instead of feeling validation that he finally heard a voice too, I am actually slightly more nervous being in the house alone.  And, quite grateful to have my pets with me!  =)

And, lastly, here are some pictures that I took from an abandoned resort in upstate New York that G1 and I explored two weekends ago!  Originally there were more than 35 buildings - including its own post office and airplane hangar!  Sadly only approximately six buildings remain.  However the place was still so large that we couldn't cover the whole thing in one afternoon....One building alone had nine floors!

Here are a few of the highlights....

smallish cottage

inside the cottage...the green couch is actually hiding a fireplace

a view of part of the abandoned buildings left

another "smaller" resort building which housed hotel rooms

discarded baby chair left amid a demolished hotel room

large area full of discarded items, including many mattresses

Another building that housed the offices for the resort as well as guest rooms

old ledgers

By far the most beautiful building was the pool room...My poor photography skills can't give it justice.  Being in the room, you can imagine the grandeur this building once had.  Here are a few pictures from the pool area....

And, finally just a few more pictures of the guest rooms...
still semi intact murphy bed
old catalogue/magazine on a bedside table next to a very old demolished tv
many of the rooms were like this...instead of walking in the hallways we could literally walk through the walls
an old phone and resort directory sitting on a mattress

So anyway, that's a brief glimpse into our adventure at the resort!  I took over 250 pictures!  LOL

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!  I'm off to tackle my "to do" list today!


  1. Abandoned buildings are cool - but still give me the willys! Maybe us because I drove past the old Norwich Mental Hospital on gage way to high school for years

    1. Didn't they finally tear Norwich hospital down? I know G1 had wanted to go see that one. Funny enough, most abandoned buildings don't freak me out much...I mostly just worry about them being structurally sound - I don't want to fall through floors - and possibly running into homeless people.

  2. I read this post yesterday morning and didn't have time to respond. As I was laying in bed last night all I could think about was your "visitor"!!! 😱

    1. haha! Sorry to mess up your sleeping! It's one of those things that happens every once in awhile so I'm sure I will feel more comfortable again in the house alone eventually. I think it just freaked me out extra because Papa heard it this time too! It makes life a little extra interesting to say the least when it does happen though!