Friday, October 28, 2016

Lights On or Lights Off?

When Papa and I first had the Guppies, we lived in the first floor of a two family farmhouse set waaaay back off a main road.  So, when we first moved into our home in 2003 I was very excited about Halloween!  FINALLY we would be able to do the whole "pass out candy to trick or treaters" thing AND we had a nice area to bring our Guppies out too!  It was going to be great, right?


The Guppies DID have a great area to trick or treat in so that was awesome!  However, as far as getting many trick or treaters?   Our house is on a corner off a very quiet neighborhood but faces a road that, while not quite a main road, sees a decent amount of traffic...and the sidewalk on this busier road ends at the end of our property... and it's a pretty dark road.... and we live across the street from a cemetery.  You get the picture.

At first, we decorated the house like the ghost of Halloween threw up all over our lawn!  We had a blow up Scooby Doo in a witches hat (we are still known as the old Scooby Doo house! LOL), a graveyard set up complete with skeletons and ghosts, a lighted archway to our door, cobwebs on the get the picture.  It was like a kiddie Vegas show!


We upped the anti by giving out full size candy bars in hopes to get the word out about the new neighbors!  LOL

It worked for a little while I guess.  At our highest point, we got 75 kids one year....which kind of still pales in comparison to neighbors a half a mile away. 

The past two years we have noticed that the houses closest to us in the neighborhood haven't been giving out candy.  So, basically no one wanted to walk that far down the road to get to us anymore.  And we don't get a lot of kids off the main road.

Last year we had maybe ten kids show up at our door.

And, guess who ending up eating a LOT of the leftover candy?

Yeah, I don't need to be doing that anymore.

So, as much as it saddens me - and believe me I am bummed, our lights will be staying off this Monday night. 

I am trying to look at the bright side (money and pounds saved!) but it was still such a hard decision to make.

How about you?  Do you give out candy on Halloween?


  1. We get one child a year. DH is always hopeful that will change, but we have not bought candy this year. He usually ends up eating it. I'm not mentioning it at all.

  2. We live in a lively neighborhood and get anywhere from 60-80 kids each year. I give out regular size candy bars so we are the Hershey Bar House.