Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday NOT Funday!

Thirty years ago, spending the day at the mall would have been one of my "ideal" days....Not so much now!

Guppy 1, her BFF, and I were out shopping for over FIVE hours today (including travel times to two different malls 45 minutes apart) looking for fall clothes...specifically something for G1 to wear for her senior picture shoot.

What's more frustrating than spending that much time going to malls?

Coming out virtually empty handed!

Guppy 1 (along with everyone else in my house) has a cold and I  could tell that even she was getting discouraged and frustrated.  I finally pulled the plug and told her we would go back out tomorrow since she has the day off from school.  Staying out any longer today wouldn't have done any good.

So, I dropped her BFF off at her house, fed G1 a very early dinner, and sent her off to get some much needed sleep!  I have a feeling I won't be seeing her again until tomorrow poor baby!  Fingers crossed she feels better in the morning!

Guppy 2's best friend and boyfriend hung out at our house today (while Papa was here doing yard work) but are leaving very soon.


The rest of today is going to be very low key....

Dinner will be made up of leftovers for anyone who is hungry.

I will make sure Papa has a shirt ironed for tomorrow since he has to work.

And, I will be going to bed early with my Kindle!

Ready to put a period at the end of today!

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