Friday, October 21, 2016

The Freebie Fairy & CVS Score!

It's been an extremely frugal Friday morning here!  Let's see what has happened....

My best friend, AKA The Freebie Fairy, has been at it again!  She is doing more purging of her house and I am on the receiving end!  Here's what she dropped off this morning..

Two lbs of frozen ground turkey (leftover in her freezer from the old douchebag boyfriend days)
30 extremely nice clothes hangers (which I needed more of/better quality ones so yay!)
1 brand new mascara (brand G1 loves so she'll get that)
1 IKEA 10x12(ish) white plastic container with lid (definitely will help corral linen closet misc)
1 medium sized graphic tshirt (consignment since I know it's neither Guppies style)
1 tin of Vermont "bag balm"

While she was dropping off the goodies at my doorstep, I was over at CVS....

 I am the first to admit that I am nowhere NEAR the caliber of frugality that many other bloggers are.  But, I am trying!  And, I am super proud of today's haul!!

First off was my flu shot.  There is no way around it.  Thanks to my MS, everyone in the house needs to get one.  (Honestly we would anyway.)  Because CVS is the pharmacy Papa's company uses exclusively, I was able to walk into their Minute Clinic right around the corner from my house and get my flu shot for absolutely FREE!  No copay whatsoever.  AND, CVS is also running a special where if you get the flu shot from them, you get a 20% off coupon for a shopping trip!

I also had received an email from them for $10/$40 that I loaded onto my card.  Truthfully, this is what prompted me into going to CVS this morning.  I am no longer the "girly girl" I used to be, however, once in a while I do like to wear some makeup.  And, thanks to G2, most of what I did have has disappeared or been completely used up.  Papa and I are going out to dinner tonight and I thought it would be nice to put on some makeup.

So, anyway, combining the two coupons, here's how I did:

2 18 oz Soft Soap body scrubs
2 15 oz Soft Soap shower gels
(the above purchased since we are almost out of the misc soaps I had in the linen closet)
1 CoverGirl foundation
1 CoverGirl loose powder
(CG was buy 1/get 1 50% off)
Elf brand eyeshadow applicators (set of 5 double tipped)
Elf Shimmer lip gloss
Elf loose powder brush
Elf matte lip stain
Elf mascara
Elf eyeshadow palette (10 natural/neutral colors)
Beauty 360 "paddle" hairbrushes -set of 2 one regular and one travel sized

How much did I spend on all the item above?



There's more!

I received $10 in ECB back too!!

Super happy with how this morning has been going!

How's your Friday morning?


  1. I'm not great at combining the cards and vouchers and poitns, but when sometimes I've snatched a minor deal. I too am minial in my makeup wear that it lasts a long time, but I know eventually needs to be replaced. Good work purchaisng when you can get the bargains.

    1. Thanks SAM! This makeup should last me at least a long as I hide it from my youngest! She has her own but grabs mine for some unknown reason. LOL

  2. Great job on your frugal makeup purchases! I don't wear makeu, but I hear my sister complain about the cost of hers.

    I had a good Friday morning shopping wise as well. Found a darth vader pajama set for Ben that he can wear for his Halloween costume and for pajamas marked down to $5. Also found a couple of really good meat markdowns to add to the freezer for upcoming dinners :)

    1. Rachel, the makeup thing was huge! And as long as I hide it from my youngest (who has her own stuff anyway), it should last me quite a long time. Makeup can be ridiculously expensive! I know first hand from my oldest who likes the brands Sephora sells!
      Nice score on the Halloween costume! I love that it can pull double duty and he will get a lot of use from it as pjs! Halloween is still up in the air for my girls. The oldest *may* go to a party but she can't decide. And, the youngest wants to go out trick or treating "one last time" with her friends but is afraid of the whole killer clown sightings/scare that has been rumored up and down the east coast...