Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Here are some updates of life around here recently....

Let's start with all things medical....

Papa's brother is (finally) out of the hospital....sort of.  He needs some physical rehab so he was transferred to a rehab facility that's filled with mostly elderly people. He isn't too thrilled about that aspect but at least this place is closer to home for him.  Also, while in the hospital for the blood infection, they discovered he has a broken foot!  On top of all his medical issues, he's also diabetic and apparently has no feeling in his feet anymore so he had no clue the thing was broken!  Not sure how they intend to do physical rehab while he has a cast on his foot but not my problem to figure out. 

Cold season is upon us!  Guppy 2 was home with me yesterday not feeling well and Guppy 1 texted me that a girl she sits with in two classes has bronchitis so bad the doctors wanted to admit her but she refused.  WTH?  Don't know if this strain of bronchitis is infectious but let's hope not!  Papa's office mate has also been out sick with some sort of bad flu.'s all around us!  I have been struggling with the beginnings of a cold that seems to not know if it wants to just go away or evolve into a wonking cold.  Time will tell I guess.

It seems like I am tolerating the new medication (Tecfidera) fairly well.  I have been having some stomach cramping about 45 minutes after taking the pill but it's nothing too terrible.  (I have felt lightheaded/dizzy/headachey but that could just be the cold so I can't point fingers at the new med yet.)  The only thing I do worry about is that I have been in a funk lately.  It could be nothing but I plan on keeping an eye on it just in case the Tecfidera is interfering with my depression meds.  But, since the medication is only supposed to help with depression and not completely alleviate it (no medication can do that), it may just be me right now.

Budget wise....

Things are going okay.  I have been staying out of grocery stores for the most part and have SIX "No Spend" days this month so far!  So I'm proud of that definitely!  What I'm NOT proud of is the fact that I overspent for Guppy 1's senior photo shoot.  However,  I continue to rationalize that this was a moment in time that we won't ever have again with G1 and we will have some gorgeous pictures to always memorialize it.  Ten years from now, I won't remember having the little extra struggle money wise for this October BUT we WILL remember G1's senior photos.  I am okay with that.

Still haven't gotten to the September grocery totals yet.  I have been very busy with the Guppies (they had both this past Monday and today off from school for the Jewish holidays) and haven't been in the right frame of mind to tackle it.  I keep telling myself that I will get to it soon and to not worry.

In other news, I finally sat down at my computer and began to work on my book again.  No more waiting for the perfect time or having the house in near perfect condition.  I am just going to work around it.  Writing makes me happy and feel productive so I am making it more of a priority.

It has gotten downright chilly at night in my little corner of the world!  And, my house is having a hard time to recover during the day.  Usually I would just put on an extra layer and keep the heat off but having the Guppies home two of the three days this week has been problematic.  I do NOT want to turn the heat on until at least the end of October!  We have 3/4 of a tank of heating oil to start the season and I want to make sure that last through the holidays if possible.  My solution has been to use the fireplace in our family room the past few days.  I do need to order more firewood for the season but I have some left from last year and it will probably be more helpful to use this stuff up before stacking new wood on it anyway.  So the thermostat stays off...for now!

I guess that's all that's going on right now over here! 

How are things where you are?


  1. Yay! On writing. Still going with same wood supplier? Chuckle 😉

  2. Wood supplier debatable! Haha!
    Btw, I keep thinking of texting you but every time I remember and look at the clock, it's too late and you are most likely teaching! I'll try to tomorrow morning! =)