Saturday, October 1, 2016

What We Ate This Week!

Sunday Dinner
Welp, after bragging about NOT eating out for a couple of weeks....We ended up with takeout.  It most definitely wasn't the plan but Papa and I stayed at the hospital with his brother for far too long.  Our longer stay couldn't be helped but I was still frustrated.  The pork roast I wanted to make would have taken too long and we wouldn't have eaten until after 8 pm.  So...
Take Out Cheese Pizza
Take Out Garlic Bites
it was!

Monday Dinner
What we should have had on Sunday...
Garlic Pork Roast
Mashed Potatoes
Balsamic Roasted Beets
Sauteed Beet Greens and Kale in Garlic

Tuesday Dinner
Papa had a dinner meeting so it was just me and the Guppies.  Breakfast for dinner!
Puffed Pancake
Homemade Diner style Home fries

Wednesday Dinner
Guppy 2 went to a friend's house after school so again, it was three of us for dinner. 
Veggie Fried Rice
Coffee Cake for dessert

Thursday Dinner
Totally didn't feel like cooking but needed to use chicken in fridge before expiration.  G2 went to a freshman football game so just G1, Papa, and me.
Roast Chicken
Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Au Gratin Potatoes

Friday Dinner
Choice of:
Crockpot Chili
Black Bean & Rice Taco Bowls

Saturday Dinner
Concert night with many teenagers!  I plan on making it easy on myself and will get take out.  Probably pizza since that is the cheapest route!  But, ugh!  This week's menu is bookmarked in pizza!  Not such a banner week for the dinner menu after all!

That's okay though!  Not going to beat myself up about it!  Tomorrow starts a new menu week!

Happy (rainy here!) Saturday!

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