Saturday, October 22, 2016

What's For Dinner!

Another mostly boring week of dinners!  I really need to start upping my game!  With fall in full swing, I shouldn't be having a problem doing this but our scheduling has been kind of crazy!  I need to start carving some time out for preparing some yummy fall dinners!  Hopefully this coming week I can manage at least a day or two of some "real" meals!
Sunday Dinner
French Toast
Diner style home fries

Monday Dinner
Yellow Mexican Rice
Brownies for dessert

Tuesday Dinner
Stuffed Shells with Ciabatta Bread
Veggie & Rice Casserole

Wednesday Dinner

Bacon Cheeseburgers
Onion Rings
Curly Fries

Thursday Dinner
Pasta with Pesto Sauce
Leftover Casserole

Friday Dinner
Date Night with Papa!
McDonald's after school and then "snack-y style" dinner they can make for themselves

Saturday Dinner
Broccoli Bites with Honey Mustard Dressing
Grilled Cheese with Soup


  1. Your dinners sound great to me! :)
    I find that there are times in our lives that are busier than others. It's nice to have a plan but I don't set anything in stone when I am making the meal plan. When things are really busy in our household I just go with it and plan on easy meals so I don't put too much pressure on myself. And you know what, even when I make the meal plan easy, it still doesn't always work out and there are some nights we just fly by the seat of our pants. lol. That's the way "real life" goes sometimes.... ;)
    But, really, your meals do sound good to me. The broccoli bites sound especially yummy.

    1. Honestly Dawn, I always thought it was supposed to get EASIER as the kids got older! In many ways, I guess it has but the schedule thing is definitely NOT easier by any long shot!
      The broccoli bites are really yummy! The girls complain I don't make them enough but they keep forgetting that I used to only make them at Christmas and New Year's! LOL

  2. At the end of the day as long as everyone is fed and relatively happy it is all good.

  3. I like having a short list of go to meals sort of planned but not rigid. Love stuffed shells and curious what broccoli bites are.

    1. SAM, I forgot what part of the country you are in but, there used to be a restaurant chain called Bennigans (up and down the east coast I think). They served a lot of what they called "Irish Pub" food but also these appetizers called broccoli bites. They were little deep fried balls of broccoli, Colby jack cheeses, bacon, & onion served with a side of honey mustard. My girls would eat these like nobody's business! Anyway, the chain went under almost everywhere and, out of desperation, I googled to try and find a recipe. You should definitely google it and see what you think! I found my recipe from a website called The Cutting Board I believe...
      As for a list of "go to" meals...Yes I definitely need to get my act and pantry together and do this as well! =)